Distance Education Student Orientation

Distance Education students are also required to complete an orientation course from MUST University where they learn study skills, develop employment, life skills, and work ethic, learn more about their field of interest, and have the opportunity to develop friendships with other students. Such orientation covers the same topics as the orientation conducted for in-campus students. All distance education students are expected to be computer-literate and familiar with the internet prior to orientation.
MUST University use the Blackboard platform for the delivery of the institution’s online programs.

The platform also provides learners with tutorials that guide them on the different ways they can interact online. Users will be shown a wide variety of activities they could complete once the course starts.
At the beginning of the semester all distance learning course participants will participate in a face-to-face introductory lecture on how our distance-learning platform works to help learners solve any queries they may have about strategies or approaches professors will use.

This introductory lecture is mandatory. Students can choose from 6 sessions held at different times. Video tutorials and student guides are also uploaded and available for all students to use.