Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

  • Upon request by students, the Financial Department at MUST University may be able to aid students in need of financial assistance to pay tuition expenses at MUST University.
  • MUST University believes that the primary responsibility for educational costs rests with a student and his/her family. However, institutional payment plans are available to meet the difference between a student’s resources and his/her actual needs.

Payment Policy

  • Tuition and fees are due at the start of the program.
  • The university reserves the right to remove any student from class that has not satisfied his or her financial obligations.
  • Students are welcome to make payments on tuition and fee charges using checks, money orders, or credit cards.

Collections/Court Costs

  • Students are required to meet with the Administrative Office  to address all financial responsibilities prior to exiting the institution for any reason. Students whose accounts are sent to collections will be charged the maximum collection fee allowable by law and all applicable attorney costs.
  • Students whose accounts are taken to court will be responsible for all court costs and attorney fees.

Period of Obligation

  • The length of the program shall determine the period of financial obligation for all courses.
  • A predetermined initial payment is due on the first day of class in all programs.
  • A student must pay his/her tuition payment according to an agreed upon financial schedule.
  • A student that does not meet his/her financial schedule obligation may be withheld from attending class until all financial payments are current.
  • MUST University reserve the right to change tuition and fees without notice.
  • Students who are actively attending class will not be affected by any tuition changes.
  • MUST University will withhold a student’s diploma and official transcript until all academic and financial obligations are met.
  • A student that fails or withdraws from his/her class, if reinstated, will be charged tuition and fees as stated in the current catalog.
  • A student that drops from his/her class or is terminated from the school is obligated to pay for tuition and fees according to the refund policy.