Scientific publications by MUST University students and professors will be used as a reference in technical courses in Brazil

MUST University, an American university focused on 100% digital masters, has supported its students to complete the learning journey through the production of scientific works. In all, nine titles have already been published with the participation of the institution’s master’s students and tutors. Among them, The Art of Management; Contemporary Management: Case Studies and Reflections; […]

Why you should do a Masters in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has gained great prominence in recent years, many professionals have emerged in this area, thus causing a search for qualified professionals who do not stop improving their knowledge. Observing this demand for qualified professionals in the area of ​​Digital Marketing, MUST University thought about developing a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing. How MUST […]

Poet student receives support from MUST University

The poet, writer and administrator Leonardo Luiz Ludovico Póvoa, author of the book Tocantins and its natural beauty, a project that continued his literary saga started with Palmas e as Corujas, has just received the title of Master in Science in Business Administration from MUST University . MUST University invited the writer to launch, next […]

From our family to your family

MUST University is a family. Since its inception, the family has always been present, and is still present. Family is always the biggest motivator for new challenges, and we know how important family is to you too, don’t we? From son to mother Among our students, the story is no different. Several families are supporting […]

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