About MUST University


MUST University’s vision is to be the affordable educational provider for students’ social inclusion and social ascension.


MUST University is an institution of post-secondary education dedicated to preparing and empower students, to succeed professionally in their life projects, by delivering student-centered programs and studies.


MUST University has these purposes:

To provide intensive

instructional delivery by specific programs and studies which strengthen student academic achievements.

To facilitate student

appreciation of the value of lifelong learning by stimulating intellectual curiosity, creative and critical thinking, and awareness of culture and diversity.

To assist students

in developing personal and professional attitudes, values, skills, and strategies that result in successful careers.

To prepare students

to meet their constant changes and their communities now and in the future.

Value Statement

MUST University values inspire learning, broadening perspectives, pursuing excellence, responding to the market needs, achieving goals, and improving student life projects, by innovative solutions and effective creative thinking.

MUST values include inspiring learning, broadening perspectives, pursuing excellence, responding to community needs, achieving goals, improving lives, and celebrating achievements.

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