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Program description

Associate of Science in Healthcare Management

Healthcare is an exciting, growing, and rewarding career. In fact, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), medical and health services managers are expected to see a 23% increase in employment from 2012-2022. This rate is higher than the national average. As an industry, Healthcare is expected to generate more new jobs than any other, thanks to the explosive growth of an aging population.

The Associate of Science in Healthcare Management is accessible to those that have little or no Healthcare education or experience, or are already Healthcare professionals looking for a change or improvement on their careers. Our program will prepare graduates to take on management roles in a variety of Healthcare settings, including acute-care hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, ambulatory centers, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, and consulting firms. Our students will gain the critical skills employers are looking for in the areas of Healthcare leadership, Healthcare quality management, Healthcare informatics, community health, and Healthcare systems. They will be prepared for entry level positions in management in this fast-growing industry.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Associate of Science in International Management graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge about assessment of accounting, marketing, finance, management, and informatics, legal and social environment of business and community environment of healthcare.
  2. Use business tools and know how communicate effectively
  3. Apply knowledge of business concepts and functions in an integrated manner.
  4. Work effectively in teams and/or groups.
  5. Demonstrate supervisory and management skills.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge of management within Healthcare System and of issues relating to U.S. Healthcare Reform.


Course TitleCredit
 General Education Requirements (15 Credits Required)  
SPC101Speech Communications3 
PHI263Contemporary Ethics3 
MAT101College Algebra3 
ENC101English Composition I3 
PSY101General Psychology3 
 Program Major Courses (45 Credits Required)   
MGT101Introduction to Business3 
MGT121Introduction to Organizational Behavior3 
MGT 141Principles of Management3 
MKT101Applied Marketing3 
ACT101Managerial Accounting3 
BUSI181Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Decision
HCM101Community Health3 
HCM 121Health Information Systems3 
HCM141Healthcare Financial Management3 
HCM161Healthcare Informatics3 
HCM181Healthcare Management3 
HCM201Healthcare Outcomes & Quality Management3 
HCM221Legal Aspects of Healthcare Management3 
HCM241OSHA Standards for General Industry3 
HCM261Billing & Reimbursement Methodologies3 

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