The annual @asugsvsummit connects leading minds focused on transforming society and business, always bonding a strong growth and coherence between learning and work.

Our cornerstone focused on a strategic mission, which is: “all people should have equal access to the future ensuring and emphasizing this opportunity is available for everyone to participate in it”. – This train of thought has been based on this summit’s slogan: “Imagining a new era in which ALL people have equal access to the future.”

As such, this is the reason why ASU+GSV Summits have active participation of great and intelligent celebrities, such as this year’s speaker, Mr. Bill Gates, who is established as a visionary entrepreneur, committed philanthropist, and a pioneer of the personal computer & software revolution.

We had the opportunity to be part of this great summit, being led by the University’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Renato Souza Net, accompanied by Mr. Fernando Valenzuela Migoya, active Board of Directors Member. Our Board Members attended the ASU+GSV Summit to capture and follow the essence of the new trends in Technology and Education.

Therefore, the future of Education is in your hands, lets go and pursue it together.

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