Strengthened Connections: Celebrating Female Entrepreneurship

Last November 18th and 19th, Boca Raton, Florida, hosted a meeting of female leaders, with many exchanges of inspiration for undertaking International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, celebrated on November 19th, was celebrated with a very special event in Florida (USA), on November 18th and 19th, at Dell Anno Home Design, in the city of The meeting, […]

What is the boundary between Artificial Intelligence and ethics?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made impressive advancements in various sectors of society, carrying an enormous potential to positively transform our lives. However, the growing capabilities of available technological tools raise a crucial question: what is the boundary between artificial intelligence and ethics?

Artificial Intelligence can help us in the future. 

Since the release of new technologies, unveiled at the end of last year, there has been a significant leap in the field of artificial intelligence, which allows us to envision how these tools can impact not only our present but also our future.

Business School: a boost to your Business career

Did you know that MUST University offers a conglomerate of programs aimed at expanding businesses? If you are looking to advance your career in this field, whether as an entrepreneur, executive, or specialized professional, investing in a Business School is an intelligent and, above all, strategic decision. At MUST Business School, you can develop your […]

MUST Business Ecosystem (MUBE) drives entrepreneurship and innovation

An ecosystem of opportunities that connects students, companies and investors MUST University is committed to promoting a dynamic and entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages management, innovation and the creation of businesses with a positive impact on society. For this, it developed the MUST Business Ecosystem (MUBE), an environment that connects companies, investors and innovative projects, generating […]

Tech4needy Education reaches the sixth class in Campinas

Young people from the Tech4needy Education course receiving the certificate Technology courses transform the lives of young people in situations of social vulnerability Tech4needy Education, a course aimed at teenagers from underprivileged communities, is reaching its sixth class in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo. Rodrigo Granja, creator of the course, highlights the importance […]

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