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Program description

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

The Healthcare Management program is designed to prepare graduates to become managers and support professionals in the healthcare field as well as in related industries.

The program helps develop versatile professionals who, using a collaborative approach, apply knowledge of information systems, policy, accounting, budgeting and analysis in diverse healthcare provider settings.

The combination of management skills and knowledge of current issues in health services and systems provides Healthcare Administration graduates with a solid educational foundation on which to begin their healthcare careers.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management graduates will:

  1. Apply practical approaches to solve and prevent business problems in healthcare settings.
  2. Know a working understanding of evolving issues in the healthcare industry.
  3. Use the abilities to collaborate with others to deliver professional healthcare services in
    diverse work environments.
  4. Apply project management and business analysis principles.
  5. Demonstrate an effectively communication both orally and in writing.
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisites
SPC101Speech Communications3
PHI263Contemporary Ethics3
MAT101College Algebra3
ENC101English Composition I3
PSY101General Psychology3
Upper-Level General Education Requirements (15 Credits Required)
ENC102English Composition II3
POR201Conversational Portuguese3
ECO202Principles of Economics3
Program Major Courses (90 Credits Required)
Lower Division Major Courses
MGT101Introduction to Business3
ACT101Managerial Accounting3
EHC103Medical Ethics3
MKT101Applied Marketing3
MGT141Principles of Management3
MGT121Introduction to Organizational Behavior3
HCM181Healthcare Management3
HCM161Healthcare Informatics3
HCM121Health Information Systems3
HCM101Community Health3
HCM141Healthcare Financial Management3
HCM201Healthcare Outcomes and Quality Management3
HCM210Healthcare for the Elderly3
HCM221Legal Aspects of Healthcare Management3
HCM241OSHA Standards for General Industry3
HCM261Billing and Reimbursement Methodologies3
Upper Division Major Courses
STA313Statistics Methods3
MGT303Operations Management3
HCM320Psychology of Aging3
ENC320Professional Writing3
HCM330Industrial Psychology3
BPH305Issues in Health Disparities3
BPH310Health and Environment3
HSC305Research Methods in Healthcare3
HCM340Human Resources in Healthcare3
MAN410Leadership Development3
BTE423Database Management Systems3
EHC410Quality Improvements Methods in Healthcare3
EHC498Health Planning and Policy Management I3
EHC499Health Planning and Policy Management II3

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