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Program description

The Bachelor of Science in International Business program at MUST University is designed for students seeking to strengthen their knowledge and decision-making ability in international business. 

The core objectives of the program are to develop, extend, and improve the ability to plan and act strategically in an international business environment; to strengthen analytical and decision-making skills in the functional areas of marketing, finance, multinational operations, and human resource management; and to become an effective leader in international business.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in International Business graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate a willingness to learn from other cultures
  2. Have an openness to expanding traditional business ideas
  3. Have a desire to develop international working relationships
  4. Use analytical tools to evaluate a constantly changing business environment
  5. Demonstrate Leadership qualities to make decisions when faced with international competition
  6. Demonstrate Creativity to solve problems within foreign cultures, markets, and business environments
Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Prerequisites
Lower Level General Education Requirements (15 Credits Required)
SPC101Speech Communications3
PHI263Contemporary Ethics3
MAT101College Algebra3
ENC101English Composition I3
PSY101General Psychology3
Upper-Level General Education Requirements (15 Credits Required)
ENC102English Composition II3
POR201Conversational Portuguese3
ECO202Principles of Economics3
Program Major Courses (90 Credits Required)
Lower Division Major Courses
ACT101Managerial Accounting3
BUS110Import Customs Regulations3
BUS121Principles of International Business Law3
BUS141Money and Financial Markets3
BUS161Principal of Exports3
BUS181Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Decision Making3
MGT101Introduction to Business3
MGT141Principles of Management3
MGT161Warehouse & Distribution Center Management3
TRA110Global Logistics for Import and Export3
TRA112Operations and Productions Management3
TRA114Procurement Management3
TRA116Supply Chain Management3
MKT101Applied Marketing3
STA313Statistical Methods3
Upper Division Major Courses
BUS210Business Statistics3
BUS303Principles of Macroeconomics3
BUS304Principles of Microeconomics3
BUS340Corporate Finance3
ENC320Professional Writing3
HCM330Industrial Psychology3
BTE423Database Management Systems3
BUS421Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility3
BUS451Global Strategic Management of Technology3
BUS470International Business3
BUS471Business Strategy and Policy3
MAN410Leadership Development3
MAN412Human Resources Management3

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