What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2024?

The artificial intelligence revolution continues to shape our world, and 2024 promises to be a significant milestone in this technological advancement. In this article, we will explore the main trends that are shaping the AI ​​landscape, as highlighted by experts and reliable sources, such as Estado de S. Paulo and Valor Econômico. 1. Pushing boundaries […]

What is the boundary between Artificial Intelligence and ethics?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made impressive advancements in various sectors of society, carrying an enormous potential to positively transform our lives. However, the growing capabilities of available technological tools raise a crucial question: what is the boundary between artificial intelligence and ethics?

Artificial Intelligence can help us in the future. 

Since the release of new technologies, unveiled at the end of last year, there has been a significant leap in the field of artificial intelligence, which allows us to envision how these tools can impact not only our present but also our future.

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