Continuing education is highlighted at the largest meeting of female leaders in Brazil

Power Trip Summit 2024 celebrates a decade of impact with an emphasis on female entrepreneurship and continuous learning

The Power Trip Summit 2024, the largest gathering of female leaders in Brazil, reached its 10th edition with a special focus on the importance of continuing education. Organized by Marie Claire and held by Editora Globo, the event honored female leaders who have made a significant impact in their respective fields. With the educational partnership of MUST University and the institutional support of Instituto Inhotim, the event took place at the Hotel Fasano, in Belo Horizonte, between the 26th and 28th of May, celebrating 10 visionary women from different sectors.

Women who inspire and transform

During the event, Giulianna Meneghello, president da MUST University, highlighted at the “Leaders who Learn and Inspire” debate panel the importance of lifelong learning. Giulianna, together with Simone Sancho, founder of Belong Be, discussed with Daniela Tófoli, editorial director at Editora Globo, about the benefits of constantly learning. In her presentation, Giulianna stated: “The future of work is understanding the need for constant learning. Only 20% of Brazilians have a degree and, with rapid technological changes and increased longevity, education has become essential.”

This reflection resonated deeply with the words Giulianna shared about her own journey. 

“Although my father was the founder of Anhanguera Educacional, I always saw him surrounded by great women. And I was always encouraged to be by their side. As a manager, I notice how prepared women are, involved in their work, being incredible in different areas of knowledge and occupying prominent positions”, she reflects. 

In this quest to occupy more and more spaces, academic training can make a significant difference in the careers of professionals. 

“I always hear from the women I talk to – both those who live here in the United States and those who live in Brazil – that what they want is opportunity. They want to develop, learn more, many are focused on entrepreneurship, but all are interested in learn.”, he declares.

Importance of lifelong learning

Giulianna, who experiences the challenges of motherhood and entrepreneurship in a country that is culturally different from her own, emphasizes the importance of direct contact with MUST University students. 

“Of course, I can’t say that I know our more than 10 thousand students, but I can say that I know about 20% with whom I exchange a lot. I try to be close and help within this educational context, which is what I know how to do and have done my whole life”, he says. 

Its mission is clear: use your opportunities to open doors for other women. 

“Women who, like me, dream of conquering their place in the world, of making their voices heard, of being the authors of their own stories.”

The Power Trip Summit 2024 brought together influential figures such as STF minister Cármen Lúcia, actresses Paolla Oliveira, Bianca Comparato, Andreia Horta, Debora Falabella and Mariana Ximenes, as well as indigenous speaker and political leader Vanda Witoto, and the curator of the Art Biennial from São Paulo, Diane Lima. Lasting two days, the event included live interviews, lectures and panel discussions, focusing on topics such as diversity, courage, authenticity, innovation, sustainability and sensitivity.

At this event, it was possible to perceive the essence of Giulianna Meneghello’s speech, who deeply believes in the power of education as a tool for empowerment.

“I notice, in every student I met at university, a strong desire to become the protagonist of their own story. A desire to break the chains of the past and build a future of infinite possibilities. And it is to these women that I dedicate my work, my energy and my commitment”, he declares.

At crucial times like this, it is essential that all women come together in solidarity, acting as agents of change and building bridges that break down the barriers of inequality, including access to quality education. 

The 10th edition of the Power Trip Summit celebrated the daily transformation promoted by women in various areas, strengthening a network of support and brotherhood among participants. The event also introduced a new audiovisual content channel dedicated to the honorees and the meeting’s discussions, broadcast on platform from Marie Claire.

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