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We care about your success!

Study at a modern university that believes in your potential and delivers high quality digital courses with scholarships for properly qualified students. In addition, the university has strong international relationships which facilitates with the recognition of the MUST diploma in Brazil and in other participating countries.

The most unique trait of MUST University is its focus on the enduring relationship with students and providing caring and qualified Faculty. In addition, our distance education platform is very robust and full of modern interactivity resources that makes learning fun.

MUST University promotes a culture of enthusiasm and provides a contagious educationally conducive environment. You are always treated as a welcomed guest and can count on the MUST team to help you reach your dreams. We are waiting for you !!!

Vision Statement

To become an educational global leader by offering affordable programs in a studentcentered and culturally inclusive environment in which all students have an equal opportunity for personal, professional, and social growth. 

Mission Statement

MUST University is committed to offer affordable distance and face to face education with technological resources and content relevant to both local and global market needs. The university offers a student-centered environment that promotes diversity, while preparing future graduates to succeed professionally and personally.

American diploma

MUST is an American University with an innovative, updated and international curriculum. So this is your chance to have the chance to compete for a good job or social ascension in the USA. For Brazilians residing in Brazil this is the opportunity that was lacking to also obtain an American diploma of master, because in MUST University you choose if you want to study in English, Portuguese and Spanish.*


University Core Values

As an educational entity of higher learning, MUST University values:

  1. The student as a unique, culturally diverse, and ever-evolving individual

  2. The relationships with students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders

  3. The current global market and social trends that influence our community

  4. The relentless pursuit of academic excellence

  5. The individual as a catalyst of change and economic development

Institutional Objectives

  1. Establish a global footprint through student enrollment, business partnerships and collaborative educational initiatives

  2. Provide to faculty and staff adequate resources to deliver programs and courses in different modalities

  3. Support student learning through services and experiences to ensure their academic and personal success up to job opportunities

  4. Hire qualified faculty with professional experience and credentials that strengthen the attainment of institutional learning outcomes

  5. Offer courses that address and relate to local and global market and social trends

  6. Promote student satisfaction through a personalized environment by training faculty and staff to service a culturally diverse student population


MUST University started as a dream on behalf of the Carbonari family. Its founders and educators Prof. Maria Elisa E. Carbonari and Prof. Antonio Carbonari Netto discovered that access to higher education was limited and for most cases inaccessible for individuals of lower economic and middle-class levels. This family led institution, began with a great desire to open the gates to education, where everyone was provided equal opportunity for professional and personal growth, regardless of their socio-economic status. This desire became the guiding light for the Carbonari family as they began their endeavor of building the largest affordable university that served the Brazil community.

The Carbonari family is deeply rooted in education with a belief that access to knowledge should not be limited to those who can afford it, but to all individuals. Their commitment stems from the notion that regardless of where you come from, having the opportunity to pursue an academic degree and thus a professional career should be an attainable reality and highly encouraged, while being fiercely supported by educational institutions. They believe education extends beyond gaining knowledge; it is also the development of a wellrounded human being that can contribute to society. For this reason, MUST University believes that each of its students deserve the opportunity to pursue dreams and set goals for personal, professional, and social growth. Their initiative seeks to support all areas of development of its students.

The Carbonari legacy was not intended to remain limited to one country. In 2017, a dream was born where MUST University would become a new educational entity that would contribute to the community in the U.S. This new dream was to expand their mission as educational global leaders with the creation of MUST University. Since then, the legacy has been preserved by offering its new community a student-centered and culturally diverse learning environment.

MUST University continues with its unwavering commitment to its community to steer justice for those that cannot obtain an academic degree by offering a competitive yet affordable education with a mission to help students achieve their personal and professional goals.

100% online classes in an easy and innovative platform

The student can enter and begin their studies at any time throughout the year. There are no semester restrictions or enrollment restrictions. You simply begin when you are ready and complete your program at your own pace. Our platform has dynamic classes, summary concepts, exercises, videos and teachers prepared to accompany you and consolidate your learning throughout the course.

High-end Digital Content

The digital content of MUST Universty was developed through a rigorous process of instructional design with the main focus on the ways and formats that produce greater learning in our students. The classes are taught through interactive e-books where in addition to the contents, videos, exercises, links to increase knowledge and research guidelines are presented.

Contents in 3 language options

The digital content of MUST is offered in 3 language options: English, Portuguese or Spanish. At each beginning of discipline, students can choose the language they feel most comfortable with.



When you make the decision to enroll at MUST University is not only a great investment in your future but a great value too. To make your MUST University application even more accessible, we offer payment plans and scholarships *. The values offered as an incentive greatly reduce the value of the course. It is worth checking! To know about the values and forms of payment.