Welcome to MUST University,

MUST University is a continuation of a dream of transforming lives while shaping a new educational approach toward education. Our goal is to continue the legacy of providing our students with opportunities to impact their lives through the pursuit of quality and accessible education.

We are committed to welcoming our students to a learning environment that supports diversity and prepares them for the global market demands. We also value the relationships and the support that we offer our students during their academic journey.

Our commitment to student success and achievement of their professional and personal goals was, is, and will continue to be steadfast. MUST University embraces the uniqueness of each of our learners and feels honored to be part of their academic preparation.

Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello



The administration, faculty, and staff welcome you to MUST University.

We are proud of our institution and very happy to share it with you. MUST University is an initiative of educators and businesspeople that believe in bringing quality delivery of information and professional education to learners for them to gain the knowledge they need to excel in in their careers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

MUST University values inspiring learning, broadening of perspectives, pursuing excellence, responding to community needs, achieving goals, improving lives, and celebrating achievements.

Today, and in the future, knowledge is the differential between success and failure. As information becomes overwhelming, and requirements for productivity and reliability increase, we strongly believe that the solution is in education. The programs we offer prepare students to start new careers or help them improve their existing ones. Our programs have a common objective: the training for efficient management and administration.

We at MUST University also believe that staff, faculty, and students are connected in working cooperatively to act effectively in a diverse personal, civic, professional, and educational environment; in fostering critical thinking and problem solving in research, evaluation, interpretation, and application of knowledge; in using appropriate technology and informational tools to facilitate learning; in modeling ethical and civic responsibilities; and in communicating effectively.

Thank you, with regards from all of us here at MUST University.

My best regards,

Professor Antonio Carbonari Netto

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