From our family to your family

MUST University is a family. Since its inception, the family has always been present, and is still present.

Family is always the biggest motivator for new challenges, and we know how important family is to you too, don’t we?

From son to mother

Among our students, the story is no different. Several families are supporting each other in search of professional growth, as is the case of Lucilena and Augusto. Mother and son study here at MUST University and support each other to grow together.

Lucilena and Augusto, mother and son, study at the same university

Augusto Cezar Sepulveda is 37 years old and opted for the Emerging Technologies in Education course, while his mother Lucilena Frigulha, 60, is studying for a master’s degree in Health Care Management.

“We embarked on this journey together, my mother and I, and I’m sure it will be a unique moment, two years from now, when we can say that we are masters in our areas of expertise and that we walked this victory hand in hand”, confesses Augusto.

Couple that study together, stay together

Nutritionist Priscila Cardoso Delmenico and her husband José Luiz Delmenico, who has a degree in production engineering, have always chosen to study and promote their knowledge.

This is a priority for them, which is why they enrolled in the following courses: Priscila is a student in the Health Care Management course, while José chose the International Business course.

Friends, Brothers and Doctors

The brothers Rachid and Raddib, both doctors, also supported each other to seek professional improvement.
Raddib encouraged his brother and friend Rachid to do an online master’s degree, as his schedule is quite hectic due to work.
The story of these two brothers is extremely interesting, they do everything together, from medical school to Masters in Health Care Management.

These stories of family support for professional growth make us extremely happy to be providing this incentive within several families.

That’s why MUST University offers several master’s programs for everyone, check out our master’s programs here.



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