Innovation, Creativity, and Technology Applied to Management

Book Launch “Innovation, Technology, and Creativity in Business Management – VOLUME 1” sheds light on three essential pillars for progress.

Book Launch “Innovation, Technology, and Creativity in Business Management – VOLUME 1” sheds light on three essential pillars for progress

In the era of globalization and the digital revolution, the world has witnessed an unprecedented metamorphosis, driven by the constant need for change and improvement. Amidst this dynamic landscape, a seminal work emerges that sheds light on the driving forces behind the transformations that have shaped humanity in recent decades: “Innovation, Technology, and Creativity in Business Management – Volume 1,” organized and composed of chapters by professors and master’s students from the Business School at MUST University. The book will be launched on August 24th. The event will take place at 7:30 PM (Brasília time) and will be streamed on the Youtube channel of the American university.

“The work delves into the history of human development, highlighting three essential pillars that have been the backbone of progress: innovation, creativity, and technology,” emphasizes Prof. Carlos Gustavo, one of the book’s organizers, who is also the coordinator of the Master’s programs in Business Administration and Business Development and Innovation at 🌎MUST University.

By exploring the roots of innovation, the authors take us on a journey through the brilliant minds that gave birth to new ideas and revolutionized industries. From the invention of the wheel to the advances in artificial intelligence, innovation is the driving force that propels us to explore the unknown and redefine the future.

“In the pages of ‘Innovation, Technology, and Creativity in Business Management – Volume 1,’ we are guided through a profound exploration of the arts, cultural expressions, and scientific advances born out of creativity. Through inspiring stories and remarkable examples, the authors show us how creativity is the propulsive force behind the cultural and social transformations that have shaped our history. I am very proud of the students and masters at MUST, who will leave this legacy to future leaders,” says Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, President of 🌎MUST University.

According to Prof. Carlos, technology is not only a vehicle for innovation and creativity but also a powerful tool that shapes our way of living, working, and interacting. The technological advancements presented in this book remind us that the ability to embrace and adapt to change is the key to successfully navigating the turbulent waters of modernity.

Compiled by a select group of visionary thinkers and experts in their respective fields, “Innovation, Technology, and Creativity in Business Management” is much more than a book: it is an engaging journey through the intersections and synergies of these three vital elements for the evolution of society.

Get ready to be captivated by deep insights, thought-provoking reflections, and compelling narratives. “Innovation, Technology, and Creativity in Business Management – Volume 1” is a beacon of inspiration for leaders, entrepreneurs, and eager thinkers looking to explore the unlimited potential of innovation, creativity, and technology in managing the present and the future.

The book will also have a printed version, which will be unveiled on the day of the launch. Don’t miss out!

Launch: “Innovation, Technology, and Creativity in Business Management – Volume 1”

Date: August 24, 2023

Where? YouTube channel of MUST University:

Technical Information:

Organizers: Carlos Gustavo Lopes da Silva, Geisse Martins, and Tiago Felix dos Santos Porfirio

Authors: Adriano Sampaio Borges, Celso José Paiva Soares de Quadros, Daniel Afonso Nunes Zaire, Fernando de Almeida Galdino, Gregory Rosa, Leandro Rosa Martins, Luciana Nunes Ferreira da Ponte Lopes, Marcelo Nascimento Araújo, Marcos Augusto Moreira e Silva, Mirta Machado Oliveira, Patryck Lino Dumit, Thiago Silva de Souza, Vitor Kordyas Dossa, Wanderley Martins Junior.


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