The 1st Happiness Brasil Summit featured a series of lectures and interventions that addressed various aspects of happiness and well-being.

The 1st Happiness Brasil Summit, conceived by the captivating Sandra Teschner in collaboration with Tatiana Monteiro de Barros and Agência Multicase, made its mark. Supported by the Secretary of Tourism and Culture of the State of São Paulo, this unique event blossomed on March 26th, at Octavio House Faria, in São Paulo.

In the month when we celebrate the theme of Happiness, this meeting could not have been more timely. However, it transcended the conventional expectations of a conference.

The Happiness Summit was a true paradigm revolution, filled with talks, panels, and concise lectures, presented in an admirable manner. “It was not limited to intellect but incorporated unprecedented and engaging sensory experiences, full of sounds and aromas that transported us to a state of ecstasy, elevating our minds and souls to a higher level,” said Luana Miranda, one of the event’s attendees, who came from Santa Catarina to enjoy this meeting and seek more meaning for her work and life.

Naturally, the presence of MUST University, which certifies Sandra Teschner’s Chief Happiness Officer courses, was indispensable. The faculty of the institution contributed with their unique charisma. “It is a great honor for us, as an academic institution, to support an event of this magnitude. We know how much mental health and well-being are linked to productivity and success,” declares Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, president of MUST University.

For Professor Luciane Soutello, a researcher and professor at MUST University, the Happiness Summit was a revelation. “Undoubtedly, the true prosperity of a company lies in the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. I am convinced that investing in the human side is the way to sustainable success for organizations,” she highlights.

Professor Deborah Costa, Coordinator of Relationships at MUST University, feels honored to support this event. “We believe that a positive work environment and the care for the well-being of employees are fundamental for personal and professional growth. We are committed to promoting these values both inside and outside our academic walls.”

Professor Daniel Côrrea, who teaches laws and ethics in the Master’s program in Health Care Management at MUST, also attended the 1st Happiness Brasil Summit. “The feeling of connection, belonging, and joy that this meeting provided was incredible.”

Multidisciplinary Experiences

The event featured a series of lectures and interventions that addressed various aspects of happiness and well-being. Sandra Teschner kicked off the discussions by talking about the Science of Happiness at work and in life. Following her, Chen Gilad, Rogerio Nunes, and Renato Fiochi discussed Corporate Happiness from different perspectives, including the views of business leadership and the human resources market.

Lauren Richardson offered reflections on the master key to happiness, while Jim Lippens presented four leadership models and shared original research in partnership with the University of Liège Antwerp. Jeena Earthiva conducted a multisensory intervention on the theme “Beating Burnout.”

Other topics covered included financial education, entrepreneurship, intelligence in childhood, family relationships, happy lifestyle, fashion, and sustainability. Highlights also included discussions on emotional and interpersonal well-being, multisensory experiences, and happiness at work.

The event concluded with music and dance, as well as the launch of the book “Happiness Can Be Learned,” providing moments of connection and good relations among participants.

“The true success of an event is measured by the magnitude of the transformations it promotes. And it was incredible to note the level of engagement from the participants! We truly felt that everyone there is longing for change and is open-minded to be part of this process!” highlights Sandra Teschner, founder of the Happiness Institute of Brazil.

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