Associate of Science in Private Security Management

Program Description

In the United States, there is an absence of specific associate degree programs in private security management. Fulfilling this need in the market MUST University offers an Associate of Science in Private Security Management. Students in the Private Security Management Associate of Science Degree Program learn how to recognize and evaluate dangerous situations, as well as utilize surveillance equipment and other security technologies. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has projected 12% job growth for security guards and gaming surveillance officers from 2012 through 2022 ( During that period, the BLS also expects a fast 11% growth for private detective and investigator jobs, which includes loss prevention agents.

The AS in Private Security Management Program at MUST University includes topics such as business administration, policing techniques, and legal issues related to the security industry. Graduates possess the skills to implement updated security measures, investigate thefts, and interview persons of interest. They learn the skills to use their knowledge of business and safety to create secure working environments. Courses cover topics like investigation procedures, criminal justice, business operations, loss prevention, security management, public safety administration, investigative techniques, information security, emergency preparedness, and criminal justice, among others.


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