MUST University is in Boca Raton, Florida, at 2220 N Federal Hwy. The campus facility is made up of fully equipped lecture rooms, computer laboratories, administrative and academic offices, library, restrooms, and a student lounge area that occupy approximately 6,500 square feet. The university facility has Student Services and Career Services offices to serve the student population. Ample and secure parking is available.

The facility consists of:

  • Academic classrooms
  • Library
  • Computer labs
  • Conference rooms
  • Administrative offices
  • Reception area
  • Women and men’s ADA compliant restrooms
  • Students’ lounge
  • Break room

MUST University maintains the necessary supplies and equipment for students enrolled and programs conducted. The facility meets the general tests of usefulness, cleanliness, maintenance, lighting, ventilation, and any other requirements conducive to health, safety, and comfort. Evidence of compliance with zoning, fire, safety, and sanitation standards issued by all applicable regulatory authorities is available upon request.