Library Resources

The library at MUST University facilitates and expedites access to information using adequate, sufficient, and relevant resources to support the programs offered.

MUST University has established an account with Library Information Resource Network (LIRN) and students will receive access, so they can utilize the sources available at any time. In addition, MUST University’s In Campus library has Internet access and appropriate application/software technology available to the students.

MUST University’s automated system Online Performance and Learning (OPAL) allows students to search the library catalog to see what is available as well having the ability to access their own account to verify the circulation books they have checked out during their term at MUST.

  1. Library books/materials borrowing limit is set at 5 titles per student per two-week session.   Students who possess circulation books past the two-week period will incur a hold on their registration for the upcoming academic quarter and fees for each day materials are late.
  2. Fines for overdue loans are calculated from the due date to the day the items are returned.  Saturday, Sundays, and public holidays are not included in this calculation.
  3. Fees for late textbooks and materials are set at .50 cents per day. Borrowing and renewal privileges will be suspended when the accumulated fines reach $10.
  4. Fines must be paid to restore borrowing privileges. Members will be informed about their fines through email. Failure to receive library notices is not a valid reason for a waiver of fines. Borrowers are responsible for all materials charged under their library accounts. All fees must be paid to MUST University before borrowing privileges are restored and registration holds are listed.
  5. Where an item is lost or damaged, the borrower will be charged for the item. The charges include cost of replacing the title, processing fee of $21.40 per item (inclusive of 7% GST), and overdue fines (if any).
  6. Borrowers are liable for overdue fines, calculated from the date due to the date when the materials are reported lost. A sum of three times the estimated cost of an item will be charged for an out-of-print item reported lost or returned damaged. If a student manages to locate a lost item before payment is made, the student need only to pay the overdue fines. Borrowers who return items that is damaged but still in repairable condition will be fined $25 (inclusive of 7% GST). All lost or damaged items must be reported to the Library.