Master of Science in Emergent Technologies in Education


Master of Science in Emergent Technologies in Education

MUST University’s Master of Science in Emergent Technologies in Education program provides participants with technological knowledge and skills to create technology plans for education, develop training programs for teachers in the classroom using technology, promote organizational change through technology, manage technological and personal resources in a school environment, and apply their skills and knowledge to identify and utilize resources appropriate to the needs of schools, school districts and other educational organizations.

Students who graduate from the Master of Science in Emergent Technologies in Education will be able to:

• Identify, describe and evaluate a variety of factors that influence the integration of technology in education.

• Design and develop a variety of technology-based projects and use the projects in your courses to write a comprehensive review of education-related e-learning topics.

• Propose and conclude a research project investigating a topic of professional interest with regard to education and technology.

• Develop a deep understanding of current issues in technology and education on one of the following topics related to technology: e-learning, planning and change; Web development.

Program Breakdown

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Program Objective

Technology-mediated education 

The area of concentration of the final work of completion of the course is education and the line of research is technology-mediated education, whose objective is to investigate the articulations between education and technology from various approaches, from the impact of new digital technologies on educational processes to the promotion of organizational change through digital information and communication technologies.


  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree course or have completed a course in the bachelor’s degree modality with a minimum duration of 8 semesters;
  • Have documents proving graduation (history and diploma) certificate of course completion.

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