Master of Science in Business Development And Innovation


Program description

The Master of Science in Business Development and Innovation is designed to meet the skills and competence requirements of the entrepreneur for the 21st century business world. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:
• Have a systemic and updated view of disruptive business models.
• Apply modern technologies in new businesses.
• Understand and analyze the entrepreneur’s mindset.
• Develop structured business plans.
• Sell business projects to investors.

Program Breakdown

In this course, students will learn and when an organization needs a new business model. Identify new opportunities to serve your existing customers in existing markets. Reach entirely new customers and create new markets through innovative business models and products. Seize growth opportunities opened by changes in market demand, government policies and technologies. Make business model innovation a more predictable issue within an organization.


This discipline focuses on how to create value and growth through innovation in new and existing markets. Students will learn innovation skills and how to apply those skills in the context of a marketing strategy framework. They will apply innovation methods across the entire marketing management continuum, including strategy, segmentation, positioning and 4P.

The financial revolution with completely new money and money mechanisms will have drastic effects on the entire society of the future - banking and finance are only partial areas. Therefore, the common thread of this course is much more of a heavy and twisted rope: namely, what these changes have for social, economic and political consequences. What happens when suddenly everything, really everything, is organized into block introductory remarks - for example, through "global, decentralized, self-determined management systems" and open applications? All of this and the possible driving forces and actors of the next financial revolution will be presented in this course, which is explicitly understood as a positive perspective.

Technology Management in the Global Economy: This course covers the process of managing technology in the global business environment. Students will learn about voice, video and data applications and their management to help financially and competitively use technology for market expansion.

This course introduces students to theories, ways to measure data, and software to develop financial business modeling in today's world. The course is a practical guide to modeling, interpreting, and predicting financial data.

This course presents an innovative method for designing products with the potential to become market leaders and profitable. During the course, students will learn how to design products and how to gain a competitive advantage.

This course introduces students to the four core practices of the world's greatest entrepreneurs: sense of mission, customer/product vision, high-speed innovation, and self-inspired behavior. Furthermore, examples of the entrepreneur's mentality will be discussed and presented, showing real examples of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world.

This course is a practical guide for students to learn how to start or expand a business. The course presents in detail the phases of a business plan with examples, tips to attract investors, methods to beat the competition, among other topics relevant to the topic.

This course seeks to understand all aspects of Generation Z's life, including a focus on their career aspirations, religious beliefs and practices, entertainment and hobbies, social concerns, relationships with friends and family, health and well-being, management. money, civic engagement, communication styles, political ideologies, technology use and educational preferences.

This course introduces students to low-code digital platforms. With this content and other elements of learning, it is expected that students will have autonomy to create their business pages on the Internet, as well as to draw up the digital strategy of their companies.

Project Capstone provides a final step in the learning process. It requires mastery of the course work step and extends this to a higher level of personal inquiry and greater expertise. The combination of defining the problem by choosing the topic, deciding on the issues to be considered, and the difficulties of structuring both the research process and the final report make it the most challenging element of the program and one that requires intellectual skills in many aspects of senior management . Critical argument and the design of solutions involving multiple considerations are requirements for successful completion of the program.

Program Objective

Business Development: this line of research aims to investigate the creation of new companies by researching their business environment, target audience, competitors, and the position that the company seeks to have in the market. It aims at the steps to be taken to develop a new business.

Innovation: This line of research aims to develop an innovative project in the business environment, whether by product, service, or an innovative business model in an existing business. Aims at innovative differentiation in new or existing ventures.

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