Master of Science in Digital Marketing

This program aims to prepare students to work in the field of marketing in a context of technological innovation and focused on results. Students will be introduced to contemporary marketing tools and techniques, as well as studying consumer behavior on a journey of purchasing and data analysis as a way to support the best digital marketing decisions. 

Must University's Master's degree in Digital Marketing is designed to provide knowledge and develop the skills needed for the world of 21st century digital marketing. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

• Analyze the buying behavior of digital consumers and integrate content marketing strategies with digital marketing campaigns.

• Develop digital marketing strategies based on data analysis of the digital consumer shopping journey.

• Create digital frameworks for businesses, products and services.

• Develop scientific studies on topics related to digital marketing.

• Develop business intelligence and analyze the use of customer relationship management platforms, in terms of meeting existing demands and allocating the necessary sales efforts.

• Analyze the main digital business models that can be used and develop new business from digital marketing and e-commerce models.

Program Breakdown

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Program Objective

Digital Marketing Strategies and Models
This line aims to research the main digital marketing strategies that can be used in current business and the development of new business based on digital marketing and e-commerce models. 

Data Analysis and Market Intelligence Tools
This line aims to research the main tools used by digital marketing to analyze consumer behavior, shopping journey, business and market intelligence. It covers important tools such as: CRM, Business Intelligence, Low Code and Data Driven Analytics, among others.


  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree course or have completed a course in the bachelor’s degree modality with a minimum duration of 8 semesters;
  • Have documents proving graduation (history and diploma) certificate of course completion.

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