Master of Science in International Business


Program description

Master of Science in International Business

The Master of Science in International Business program at MUST University is designed to prepare students for management opportunities within multinational industries and organizations. Learners will build leadership skills and a comprehensive understanding of cultural business issues, international regulations, and strategic planning necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic global marketplace. Additional areas of focus include the challenges of expansion, technology use, and effective decision-making on an international scale.

Program Breakdown

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Program Objective

Students who graduate with a Master of Science in International Business will be able to:

• Develop comprehensive strategic business plans for global expansion.

• Understand compliance and regulatory requirements for international hiring and managing of
foreign and remote employees.

• Evaluate the proper technologies needed to sustain and secure infrastructure, data, and
proprietary information.

• Analyze competitive markets and the economic and political factors that affect them.

• Evaluate currency and exchange rate fluctuations and determine how they affect investments
and financial planning.

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