Master of Science in Organizational Psychology

This program aims to prepare students from different areas for actions on current and emerging topics that interface with Psychology, Business and Economic Sciences. It focuses on topics of interest to organizations and their employees to ensure and reconcile the importance of business with people’s needs. Topics related to work and how they affect the lives of individuals, their families and the environment are addressed. In addition to the classes, students will have the opportunity to produce research on the topics covered and will develop a final work in scientific article format. 

Students who graduate from the Master's degree in Organizational Psychology will be able to:

• Integrate theory and practices related to organizational and work phenomena and processes.

• Identify, evaluate and develop skills essential for good performance in the various work functions.

• Identify and intervene in the identification and retention of talents.

• Acquire repertoire to plan and implement workforce development and training programs.

• Act on themes that have repercussions on the individual, family and social environment, such as health and well-being at work.

Program Breakdown

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Program Objective

Human Behavior at Work 
In this line of research the student will research topics related to the behavior of the human being and their interaction with the work environment. It is an area that addresses the individual and collective conduct of employees and leaders and their implications in the day-to-day work. Subjects such as: emotional intelligence, relationship dynamics, interpersonal relationships, intergroup relationships, motivation and teamwork, are part of this line.

Saúde do Trabalhador e Doenças Ocupacionais
In this line of research the student will research topics related to worker health, which has a great impact on motivation and also on the results of the company. It will also be able to address the different occupational diseases and ways of avoiding them. Some subjects that can be researched in this line of research: organizational health management, risk prevention, stress reduction and pressure at work, burnout syndrome.


  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree course or have completed a course in the bachelor’s degree modality with a minimum duration of 8 semesters;
  • Have documents proving graduation (history and diploma) certificate of course completion.

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