On December 2, 2023, MUST University hosted its III Annual Student Meeting at the Royal Palm Tower in Campinas, Brazil.

On December 2, 2023, MUST University hosted its III Annual Student Meeting at the Royal Palm Tower in Campinas, Brazil. The event brought together more than 500 participants, with students, faculty, and staff traveling from all corners of Brazil and USA to gather and celebrate our institution’s commitment to academic excellence.

A memorable exchange was when our “special guests,” our students, had a chance to meet their faculty and staff in person, get to know President Giulliana Carbonari Meneghello, or even share a word of wisdom with the university’s founders, Professors Antonio Carbonari and Maria Elisa Ehrhardt Carbonari.

The III Annual Meeting was more than a meeting; it was an explosion of knowledge, inspiration, and valuable connections. The President’s opening remarks highlighted the institution’s sustained growth, expanded services, and learning resources offered to students worldwide. The event fostered a profound sense of community as students engaged in meaningful networking with faculty and mentors, forging vital connections and sharing professional aspirations. This exchange served as a transformative experience for all participants, solidifying the university’s commitment to nurturing a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

Other highlights included:

  • An inspiring presentation by Mr. Ricardo Bellino, a seasoned entrepreneur who unveiled the secrets behind success, empowering students to embrace their inner disruptors and chart their own entrepreneurial paths.
  • A motivational and energizing session led by coach Sandra Teschner, a master of motivation, who equipped us with the tools and habits to unlock our limitless potential and become unstoppable forces of self-driven achievement.
  • Finally, the closing duties were entrusted to none other than Leo Chavez, a musical phenomenon who blended the soul of Brazilian country with the rhythm of Latin pop, igniting the spirit of collaboration and celebration. It was a wonderful end to a day that redefined the meaning of a student meeting.

We can’t wait for next year! We are very curious to see what MUST have in store for our students in 2024!

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