MUST University participated in ABN/Mujeres CEO – Professional and Personal Branding Workshop

In a warm and beautiful Friday morning, this past June 7th, ABN (Americas Business Network) / Mujeres CEO held a fantastic, enlightening, productive, and more to the point, educational workshop titled – Professional and Personal Branding. 

The event was held in the City of Doral, Florida at the prestigious KOKAI Sushi Restaurant.  With a full house of 54 attendees, everyone gathered to listen, learn and also take notes of this great workshop that has to do with our professional and personal way to conduct ourselves not only physically but also mentally and with a few photographic techniques.  The event was opened by Victoria Sanchez, moderator of the event. Having three important topics and keynote speakers, the morning started off with Julia Marin speaking about the five pillars of professional presence; followed by Camila Funez, who spoke about the importance of the mental well-being of ourselves as professionals, with a little touch of how to properly conduct ourselves when being photographed; the mid-morning sessions closed with Francisco Delgadillo, professional photographer and videographer, who gave a fantastic talk about special techniques in photography and videography, using our cell phones; and the importance of our images as such. Applauses came around, and after the participation certificates of attendance were handed out, most of the attendees stayed to network and have a wonderful lunch enjoying the delicious culinary Japanese food offered by KOKAI Sushi.  

MUST University advocates in attending these types of events, as they offer professional and personal growth. 

Congratulations to all, and especially Alexis Pulido – Executive Director of ABN/Mujeres CEO. As such, MUST University was represented by the Director of Student Services – Nydia Bonilla, MBA and the Manager of Business Development – Dr. Arturo E. Enamorado-Caraccioli, PhD. 

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