MUST University promotes Education and Innovation at Beach Tennis Fest 2024

University brings education and innovation to one of the biggest tournaments in Florida

On May 4 and 5, 2024, one of South Florida’s most anticipated tournaments will come to Pompano Beach, promising two days full of leisure and integration between Latin communities. Beach Tennis Fest 2024, in addition to providing fierce competitions, will feature a varied Exhibition of Products and Services, where participants will be able to enjoy Brazilian delicacies such as açaí, coconut water, sandwiches and special drinks, in addition to being treated to a variety of products from participating companies.

This year, a special participation will mark the event: the presence of MUST University, an American university that has a strong presence among Brazilian and Latino students, which will not only be present with a stand, but will also be fully engaged in offering an enriching experience to participants.

The institution will not only offer exclusive gifts, but will also provide a team dedicated to answering questions about the master’s programs offered, including courses focused on Business, such as Administration, which can be carried out in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

For those seeking to improve their academic and professional knowledge, the presence of MUST University represents a unique opportunity to explore educational opportunities in strategic areas, aligned with the demands of the current market.

Furthermore, the university will be committed to promoting sport and health, actively integrating itself into the event. During the morning of Saturday, March 23, participants will have the chance to enjoy a free super functional workout taught by renowned personal trainer Muller. Everyone is invited to participate, regardless of age or previous experience.

“While Beach Tennis players compete in exciting matches on the sand courts of the Pompano Beach Pier, MUST University will be present, not only as an educational reference point, but also as a support and encourager of sportsmanship and community integration ”, says Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, president of the institution.

Beach Tennis, known for its high intensity and fun, is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, as long as they are willing to get involved and know its simple but challenging rules. With a game format that emphasizes agility and strategy, Beach Tennis promises to provide moments of pure adrenaline and fun for all participants.

Therefore, we invite all sports, education and innovation enthusiasts to join MUST University at Beach Tennis Fest 2024, an event that promises to unite communities, celebrate sport and open doors to knowledge and personal and professional growth.

More information: @BeachTennisBrasilusa (Instagram)


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