Prospective and current students can find below certain consumer information about Metropolitan University of Science and Technology (MUST) as well as contact information in accordance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008.

Academic Calendar

Review our MUST Academic Calendar.

Academic Catalog

Review our MUST Academic Catalog.

Academic Programs

Visit the Academics section on our website to search areas of undergraduate study, graduate programs, masters degrees, and doctorate programs.

If you have specific question about our programs, you can also reach us directly at:

Accreditation, Approval and Licensure of Institution and Programs

MUST University is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, Florida Department of Education License #5593.

More information about this institution may be obtained by contacting the Commission at:


You can also reach us directly at:

Admissions Requirements

Visit our Admissions section to get more details on what it takes to join MUST; or reach out to one of our Admission Advisors.

Admissions Office:

Security and Fire Safety Information

Our headquarters office prioritizes the safety and well-being of our employees and visitors. Rigorous security measures and fire safety protocols are in place to ensure a secure and protected environment.

Career Placement

We are here to help, please contact the Carrer Coaching Program to receive guidance and support with career counseling, job placement and Alumni connections.

Cost of Attendance

View the estimated Costs associated with attending MUST, including tuition and registration fees.

Student Financial Support Services:

Disability Services

Disability Services offers various resources and accommodations to help students pursue their academic goals. By providing a supportive environment on our website and LMS systems, we encourage students to develop independence and to take responsibility for their academic experiences.

If you need any help, please contact Student Services:

Emergency Protocols

In case of an emergency, MUST Emergency Response Team (MERT) follows the Emergency Protocol Manual (EPM).

For further information about the EPM, you can contact Student Services:

Fact Sheet

MUST is a global university that embraces diversity and empowers students to achieve their career goals through a variety of programs, see MUST FACTS.

Financial Support Services

Information on the types of financial support available at MUST University is available here. Students who qualify and receive any form of financial support have certain rights and responsibilities.

For more information please contact Student Financial Support Services:

Gainful Employment

To help students make informed choices, the government requires colleges to disclose key info about career-focused programs. This includes costs, completion time, graduate outcomes (jobs and debt), allowing students to compare programs and pick the best fit for their career goals.

Visit the Gainful Employment Page for more information.

Grievance Policies and Forms

Our Grievance/Complaint policy is available on page 32 of ours Academic Catalog.

Mission & Vision

At MUST, we care about your success, see The MUST Difference.

Privacy of Student Records, The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

MUST Student Consumer Information page explain your rights with respect to your educational record as outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

For more information please contact our Registrar’s Office:

Policies & Procedures

Access key Policies and Procedures governing our institution here.

Refund Policy and Requirements to Withdrawal

Any student who wishes to withdraw from all courses must complete a Withdrawal Form.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar:

Student Graduation, Completion, Transfer-Out Rates

For graduation, completion and transfer-out rates, visit MUST FACTS.

Academic Affairs / Institutional Effectiveness:

Student Handbook

The MUST Student Handbook is a comprehensive guide that helps students navigate academic life, expectations, and support services.

Student Retention & Graduation Rates

Under MUST FACTS, information can be found on retention and graduation rates for MUST University.

Academic Affairs / Institutional Effectiveness:

Student Right to File a Complaint

For information about filing a complaint against faculty, staff, other students, and student organizations, contact the Student Services Office:

For additional information, use the following resources: Florida Dept. of Higher Education Student Complaint Policy.

Transfer Credit Policies

Our Admissions page details policies and procedures for transferring credits to MUST. For questions about transferring credits, please refer to page 14 of the Academic Catalog.

For further inquiries, contact the Office of the Registrar:

Use of Technology Policies

MUST offer 100% Online instruction.

For technology requirements, please refer to page 29 of our Academic Catalog or visit the Tech Support section on our website for details.

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