MUST Welcome CLASS June 6th Class

In this last week of the days, June 6th to 10th, the Welcome CLASS of the new master’s classes at MUST University took place!

The Welcome CLASS takes place every time a new class starts in the institution’s master’s programs.

The orientation program, held prior to the first day of each term, is designed to ease students’ transition to MUST University by familiarizing new students with the organization and operation of the University. During orientation, students review the University’s mission, vision, rules and regulations.

In addition, study techniques, academic standards and resources used in the AVA (Virtual Learning Environment) platform where classes will be taught and activities will be done and delivered.

Participation is not mandatory, but strongly advised. The video of the class will be available after the event for those who are unable to attend.

According to Prof. Carlos Silva, relationship coordinator for the master’s programs in Business, “this is a very special moment where master’s students can interact with their colleagues, as well as get to know the faculty and coordinate the courses. In addition, it is an opportunity to resolve all doubts regarding your master’s journey and create the feeling of being part of MUST University, with all the support and support you will have from the team of tutors and coordinators.”

This type of pedagogical practice, as well as the synchronous classes that take place in the disciplines of the master’s program, are part of the belief that even if the course is completely online, esteem, follow-up and relationship through these meetings are fundamental, for the our student’s success.

The student Eliane Fernandes, started studying in this class on the 6th, the master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and told us what she thought of our WELCOME CLASS:

“I want to express my satisfaction and gratitude for being part of the Master’s program at MUST. I participated in the Welcome Class and it was amazing, the information was clear, doubts were clarified and I felt welcomed not only as another student, but as a special and very dear student at MUST University. I believe that everyone who participated felt the same.”

And she completed her statement with this beautiful message: “Thanks to the MUST team for the welcome! You are already very important to my professional and personal success.”

This is our mission as an institution: to be a partner of our students, so that they feel embraced and supported through whatever they need for the best development as students.

Come to MUST University you too.


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