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Student Conduct

MUST University expects students to always conduct themselves in a professional manner. The forms of misconduct below are considered to be in conflict with the educational objectives of MUST University. Students who engage in such misconduct may be subject to dismissal by MUST University. Examples of such behavior are outlined below, but are not limited to:

1. Dishonesty; including cheating, plagiarism, knowingly furnishing false information to MUST University, and forgery, alteration or use of MUST University documents or identification with intent to defraud. Plagiarism is defined as:

– Direct quotation or paraphrasing from published sources that are not properly acknowledged through a bibliography.

– The use of other persons or services to prepare work that is submitted as one’s own.

– The use of previously submitted papers, written by other students.

– Submission of the same or very similar papers by collaborating students.

2. Intentional disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, meetings or other MUST University activities.

3. Physical or verbal abuse of any person within the MUST University organization. This also includes the affiliate’s property, site, or functions sponsored or supervised by MUST University.

4. Sexual Harassment (as defined in the catalog).

5. Theft or damage to any property belonging to or occupied by MUST University and/or any damage to the property or damage to equipment of any affiliate of MUST University.

6. Students will be charged for the repair or replacement of any equipment lost or damaged through negligence or willful misconduct. This includes damage to any part of a building or its immediate surroundings or educational equipment where activities of MUST University (as well as a campus or site or an affiliate’s property) take place.

7. Noncompliance with directions from employees, instructors, program directors, administrators, officers or management personnel of MUST University. This also includes affiliated facility supervisors acting in the performance of their respective duties.

8. Students in violation of the Student Conduct Policy may be suspended while the violation is reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee. The Academic Affairs Committee decision is final, binding, and conclusive.

Non-Discrimination and Americans with Disabilities Act

MUST University is an Equal Opportunity Educational institution and does not discriminate in the recruitment and admission of students with respect to race, color, creed, sex, age, handicap, disability, national origin, or any other legally protected characteristic. Applicants, prospective, or current students with disabilities who require academic adjustments and/or auxiliary aids in connection with the admissions process, the admissions test and/or their program of study, should contact the ADA coordinator at the campus. The ADA coordinator will work with the applicant and/or prospective student to identify reasonable accommodations/adjustments necessary to enable him or her to fully participate in the admissions and educational processes.

Policy Against Hazing

In compliance with Florida law, MUST University defines hazing as any act whether physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, which subjects another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass, or intimidate him or her, or which may in any fashion compromise his/her inherent dignity as a person. Hazing is inherently in conflict with the purpose and goals of MUST University. Therefore, such conduct will not be tolerated. Every effort will be made by MUST University to guarantee that hazing will not victimize students.

Crime Awareness and Campus Security

A fundamental objective of MUST University is to maintain an environment that supports and encourages the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. The environment is damaged by any and all criminal activities, including drug and alcohol abuse. Therefore, all members of the academic community, students, faculty, administrators, and academic support staff share the responsibility for protecting the environment by exemplifying high standards of professional and personal conduct.

Students and employees of MUST University are subject to all federal, state, and local laws as well as regulations set forth by the university. The breach or violation of any of these laws may result in disciplinary action. Access to campus facilities is restricted to the operating hours published in the institution’s catalog. Operation of the facilities outside the specified times can be arranged only through the campus president.

The illegal use, possession, sale, delivery, and/or manufacture of drugs will not be tolerated and will be grounds for immediate suspension or dismissal of students, faculty members, administrators, and other employees.

For a first offense involving the illegal manufacture, sale or delivery, or possession with intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver any controlled substance, any student shall be expelled and any employee shall be dismissed.

For a first offense involving the illegal possession of any controlled alcohol or being under the influence of any illegal substance, the student or employee will be given a warning. The second offense will result in probation for 180 days and require proof of enrollment into a certified drug rehabilitation program within 14 days of the offense: if not dismissal. A third offense will result in immediate dismissal.

The consumption, sale, or possession of any alcoholic beverages while on campus is expressly forbidden. Students who arrive on campus under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave and will be escorted off campus if necessary. Such conduct will be considered unacceptable and will be grounds for suspension.

Possession of any weapon on campus is expressly forbidden. Individuals with weapons in their possession will be immediately dismissed without recourse or appeal. The exception of this rule is for on-duty law enforcement officers.

Students and employees are informed regarding methods and procedures available to avoid assault and harassment. Procedures for safety and reporting crimes or violations of MUST University policies include: Students or employees, who observe violations of the university’s policies, emergencies on campus, or situations which might adversely affect campus safety, should report those occurrences to the campus president. The appropriate campus official will investigate each occurrence and a MUST University Incident Report Form will be filed. If appropriate, the local police/fire department will be notified. In the event an institute official is not available; violations should be immediately reported to local police or sheriff’s department.

Regularly scheduled safety inspections of the premises are performed by the campus president. MUST University disseminates information concerning campus crime and security in the following ways: Each student, upon starting classes at MUST University participates in an orientation session. During this orientation, security measures specific to the campus are discussed with students. Questions concerning campus security are answered at that time. Further information is always available through the campus president’s office.