Sandra Teschner launches book and promotes immersion on Happiness which MUST University

Sandra Teschner, certifier of the corporate happiness course at the Happiness Institute of Brazil, and MUST University, in Florida, was at the University’s new headquarters in Deerfield Beach, to launch her newest book,  ‘Happiness is Learned’. The work, recently launched in Brazil, not only explores the concept of happiness, but also offers concrete practices for creating more positive professional environments and goes much further, towards a fuller life. Co-written by 23 experts from different areas, all of whom graduated in Happiness from the author, the book combines scientific studies and real experiences to show how happiness can be cultivated and disseminated, especially in the workplace.

“Seven years ago our partnership began, coinciding with the creation of MUST University. The founder of the university, professor Antônio Carbonari, a living legend of Brazilian education, contacted me because he understood the importance of the topic long before events like the pandemic”, commented Sandra Teschner in a chat with Giulianna Meneghello for MubeCast, a MUST podcast that will air soon.

During his visit to MUST’s new headquarters in Deerfield Beach, an immersion on the science of happiness was organized for university employees. 

“Happiness is a priority in our people and culture management at MUST. With the support of Sandra, who is a great partner, we recognize that professionals with positive emotions are more engaged, work with greater purpose and fulfillment, which reflects on good -being of our students,” said Giulianna C. Meneghello, president of MUST University.

To discover and purchase this work full of healthy initiatives for life and your work environment, visit the website:

Students, alumni and professors of MUST University will receive a special benefit when purchasing the book “Happiness is Learned” , using the COUPON: BLACK15.

If you want to become a happiness certifier through the Happiness Institute of Brazil, a course certified by MUST University, Click here to know more.

Happiness is Learned 

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