The Registrar’s Office main emphasis is focused on maintaining integrity, accuracy, and confidentiality of student academic records; interpreting institutional and governmental policies as it relates to over-all community; and efficiently distributing records in full compliance with applicable policies, law, and regulations. These procedures are intended to advise students and administrators of policies on MUST University registration and to provide appropriate guidelines for registrations. Moreover, the Registrar’s Office will also assist you with all activities related to registration, adding, or dropping of classes, withdrawing, or cancelling, transcript request, enrollment verification, grades, and diploma.


Students cannot attend or receive credit for a course(s) unless they are correctly registered for it. The Registrar’s Office will assist you with the registration process, a student must make appropriate arrangements with the Office of the Bursar to set up his or her financial obligations to the University.

MUST University maintains an add-drop period during which students may change classes without academic penalty. Students withdrawing from a class, but not replacing it with another, must be aware of how this may affect full-time status, tuition charges, financial obligations, and satisfactory academic progress (SAP). The add/drop period is the first 7 calendar days of the assigned course.

The Registrar’s Office maintains the academic calendar. Get familiar with all the dates and deadlines for the semester.

MUST University transcript contain information concerning a student’s academic performance and status at the University.  The University adheres to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).  Therefore, a student’s record will not be released without prior written consent from the student. 

Please be advised that if you owe the University or have any hold on your Financial Holds on your student record your request will not be processed.  A student may request an official transcript by completing a Transcript Request Form.  The fee for an Official Transcript is $5.00.  Students can complete the payment through the Bursars Office.

A student who has successfully completed a program of study and fulfilled all obligations to the University will be awarded a degree and receive a diploma during annual graduation exercise.

The replacement cost for a Diploma is $50.00.

The candidate is responsible for initiating the procedures for graduation.  Each candidate for graduation must complete an Application for Graduation form at the start of their last term of study.

The Application for Graduation is available through the Registrar Office and/or student portal; completed applications are returned to the Registrar’s Office.

Candidates for graduation must complete an Application for Graduation and must meet the following academic and financial requirements prior to receipt of the degree diploma and transcript:

  • Successfully complete all specified requirements for the certificate, diploma or degree.
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 or “C” at the undergraduate level and of at least 3.0 or “B” at the graduate level.
  • Achieve a specified level of performance in each skill area required for graduation.
  • Be free from all indebtedness to the University.


The academic eligibility of candidates for graduation is determined by the Registrar’s Office. 


Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm.

Contact Us:

Indira St. Omer – University Registrar:

Marcio Lodis – Associate Registrar:

Santiago Nuñez – Assistant Registrar:

LIBRARY information resources network (lirn)

access through moodle

MUST University’s virtual library facilitates and streamlines access to information using adequate, sufficient, and relevant resources to support the programs offered. MUST University has created an account on the “Library Information Resource Network (LIRN)”.

Students are given access and can use the available sources at any time. In addition to LIRN, MUST University has an agreement with Pearson Virtual Library, where thousands of titles and research resources can be found in full.

The LIRN® virtual library contains thousands of electronic resources, including books, electronic journals, podcasts, audios, video resources and databases, statistics and more, from bibliographic sources such as: ProQuest Central, Gale eBooks, Business Market Research Collection, ABI/INFORM Global, Research Library: Business, Accounting, Tax & Banking Collection among others, covering Business, Social Science, Technology, and general educational issues, to support your learning objectives.


The chart below outlines who students should contact when they need help on specific issues:

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