From Master’s to Doctorate: A Dream Come True!

The journey of Maria Beatriz Oliveira da Silva, a public servant from the state of Alagoas (Maceió), Brazil, is inspiring for those who wish to achieve great heights in their academic careers. After completing the Master’s program in Business and Administration at MUST University, Maria Beatriz realized an old dream. Determined to overcome the challenges […]

Remote learning surpasses in person learning and the search for specialization grows

According to the Census of Higher Education, distance learning increased by 428% in the last 10 years For the first time in history, distance graduation courses in Brazil received more new students than face-to-face ones . This is what the 2020 Higher Education Census, released in February 2022 by the National Institute of Educational Studies […]

Students with disabilities seek professional growth through a master’s degree

The number of students with some type of disability in Brazilian Higher Education between 2010 and 2019, increased by 144.83%. However, they do not correspond to less than 1% of the total enrollment in undergraduate courses in the country. The data derived from the Higher Education Census 2019, released by the National Institute of Educational […]

5 ways to fit a master’s program into your daily activities routine

The routine of those who work and attend a master’s program is extremely busy and to reconcile both activities and perform well is of immense complexity. Many people believe that this combination of work + master’s degree can be a combination that can lead to frustration, for not being able to cope with the responsibilities […]

The Correct Way to Use, Give and Receive a Business Card.

For an executive, manager or an entrepreneur it is very important to always have a very powerful tool from the start, or to continue to develop business negotiations, I am talking about the business card.  Despite being an element, which for many, now days, don’t feel the need or use for it in our everyday […]

Advantages of taking a master’s degree online

Today, distance learning (DE) has become a great option for those who wish to pursue a master’s program. A master’s degree is essential for you to expand your knowledge in a specific area, and it is very suitable for those who want to pursue an academic career or are looking for a better position in […]

Poet student receives support from MUST University

The poet, writer and administrator Leonardo Luiz Ludovico Póvoa, author of the book Tocantins and its natural beauty, a project that continued his literary saga started with Palmas e as Corujas, has just received the title of Master in Science in Business Administration from MUST University . MUST University invited the writer to launch, next […]

II Second Week of Education at MUST University

The study week at MUST University sought to encourage the scientific development of master’s students and improve communication through the knowledge acquired during the master’s program. The free online event took place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June, and was attended by more than 1000 students. During the three days of the academic […]

MUST Welcome CLASS June 6th Class

In this last week of the days, June 6th to 10th, the Welcome CLASS of the new master’s classes at MUST University took place! The Welcome CLASS takes place every time a new class starts in the institution’s master’s programs. The orientation program, held prior to the first day of each term, is designed to […]

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