MUST IT Technical Support connects MUST to its students, helping them with questions or problems accessing MUST resources.

Contact MUST IT Support when you are experiencing any difficulties with the following issues:

  • Your MUST email account. 
  • Access to the Student Portal
  • Access to the Moodle – LMS (AVA) 
  • Or any other technical or operational difficulty related to MUST Systems and Tools.

IMPORTANT: To request a password change, you must use the password reset page. We cannot provide passwords by phone or email. 


MUST offer its students support if they need help accessing MUST systems.

You can open a ticket to technical support, and a MUST employee will contact you to help.

The Student Service Center offers the following support: 

  •  Troubleshooting accessing MUST systems via Mac OSX and Windows.
  •  Web browser support for student portal or Moodle LMS access.
  •  Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle.

If you are wondering what taking a fully online course at MUST University will be like. In that case, we have prepared a video that briefly overviews the LMS – Learning Management System Moodle and navigation through a model discipline.

If you have any trouble, please feel free to contact our communication channels. MUST IT Technical Support will always be ready to help.

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