Tech4needy Education reaches the sixth class in Campinas

Young people from the Tech4needy Education course receiving the certificate

Technology courses transform the lives of young people in situations of social vulnerability

Tech4needy Education, a course aimed at teenagers from underprivileged communities, is reaching its sixth class in Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo.

Rodrigo Granja, creator of the course, highlights the importance of this initiative in bringing a responsible and conscious attitude towards the use of technology, in addition to offering training prospects for young people. “Most of them are having the opportunity to take a course like this for the first time”, says Granja. “It’s a chance for these young people to base their skills and enter the job market, thus transforming their future”, he emphasizes.

Tech4needy Education addresses a wide range of content in its 50 hours duration, including Windows, Word, Excel, Business Management System, Social Networks (Instagram and LinkedIn), Curriculum Vitae Writing, Extraordinary Mural and a short course on personal success and professional.
Classes are completely virtual and take place every Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm. At the end of the course, young people have the opportunity to compete for internship vacancies and receive an internationally recognized certificate, provided by MUST University – an American university that offers fully online master’s programs.

Digital inclusion

The initiative to create the course came from technology entrepreneur Rodrigo Granja, who, at the age of 13, took his first computer course and pursued a career in this area, achieving professional success. Both he and his wife, Priscila Granja, feel responsible for promoting the digital inclusion of young people in the communities of Campinas and region. “If we can help form citizens who are connected and capable of facing the job market, why not do our part? Technology is rapidly transforming the world, and we want everyone to be able to be transformed by it”, declares the businessman.

In addition to Granja, the course has the contribution of three other volunteer teachers: Thiago Andrade, José Donizete, Marcelo Castilho and Mary Chirnev.

Rodrigo Granja also points out that there are many young people from previous classes who got jobs after participating in the course. One example is Mateus Horácio de Jesus, aged 16, whose only experience with computer courses was during the 5th year of Elementary School. “The classes focused on website development are a great incentive for young people to be successful in their first job”, reveals Granja.

Classes are made available in underserved communities, usually with support and selection of classes usually done by Baptist churches. ′′ The first class started in 2020, before the pandemic. Each class has a maximum of 10 students to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the content. During the course, we also encourage entrepreneurship. We offer four business system classes, which cover everything from product purchase to production, sale, issuing invoices and output, and cash flow. And finally, we give guidance to the curriculum and insertion of young people’s knowledge on LinkedIn”, says Granja.

This year, Mackenzie University provided the space in the auditorium for the graduation of young people and it was an incredible opportunity for them to get to know the inside of a university. “The MUST University, on the other hand, plays a very important role because the certificate comes with the seal of an American university, which greatly values the knowledge of these underprivileged young people in the job market”, highlights the creator of the Tech4needy Education project.

“MUST University is proud to support this initiative that promotes digital and conscious inclusion, empowering teenagers to face the challenges of the technological world. Together, we are building a path of success and opportunities for these young people”, says Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, president of MUST University



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