Journey Towards Happiness: Multisensory and Transformative Reflections

The 1st Happiness Brasil Summit featured a series of lectures and interventions that addressed various aspects of happiness and well-being.

The 1st Happiness Brasil Summit, conceived by the captivating Sandra Teschner in collaboration with Tatiana Monteiro de Barros and Agência Multicase, made its mark. Supported by the Secretary of Tourism and Culture of the State of São Paulo, this unique event blossomed on March 26th, at Octavio House Faria, in São Paulo.

In the month when we celebrate the theme of Happiness, this meeting could not have been more timely. However, it transcended the conventional expectations of a conference.

The Happiness Summit was a true paradigm revolution, filled with talks, panels, and concise lectures, presented in an admirable manner. “It was not limited to intellect but incorporated unprecedented and engaging sensory experiences, full of sounds and aromas that transported us to a state of ecstasy, elevating our minds and souls to a higher level,” said Luana Miranda, one of the event’s attendees, who came from Santa Catarina to enjoy this meeting and seek more meaning for her work and life.

Naturally, the presence of MUST University, which certifies Sandra Teschner’s Chief Happiness Officer courses, was indispensable. The faculty of the institution contributed with their unique charisma. “It is a great honor for us, as an academic institution, to support an event of this magnitude. We know how much mental health and well-being are linked to productivity and success,” declares Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, president of MUST University.

For Professor Luciane Soutello, a researcher and professor at MUST University, the Happiness Summit was a revelation. “Undoubtedly, the true prosperity of a company lies in the well-being and satisfaction of its employees. I am convinced that investing in the human side is the way to sustainable success for organizations,” she highlights.

Professor Deborah Costa, Coordinator of Relationships at MUST University, feels honored to support this event. “We believe that a positive work environment and the care for the well-being of employees are fundamental for personal and professional growth. We are committed to promoting these values both inside and outside our academic walls.”

Professor Daniel Côrrea, who teaches laws and ethics in the Master’s program in Health Care Management at MUST, also attended the 1st Happiness Brasil Summit. “The feeling of connection, belonging, and joy that this meeting provided was incredible.”

Multidisciplinary Experiences

The event featured a series of lectures and interventions that addressed various aspects of happiness and well-being. Sandra Teschner kicked off the discussions by talking about the Science of Happiness at work and in life. Following her, Chen Gilad, Rogerio Nunes, and Renato Fiochi discussed Corporate Happiness from different perspectives, including the views of business leadership and the human resources market.

Lauren Richardson offered reflections on the master key to happiness, while Jim Lippens presented four leadership models and shared original research in partnership with the University of Liège Antwerp. Jeena Earthiva conducted a multisensory intervention on the theme “Beating Burnout.”

Other topics covered included financial education, entrepreneurship, intelligence in childhood, family relationships, happy lifestyle, fashion, and sustainability. Highlights also included discussions on emotional and interpersonal well-being, multisensory experiences, and happiness at work.

The event concluded with music and dance, as well as the launch of the book “Happiness Can Be Learned,” providing moments of connection and good relations among participants.

“The true success of an event is measured by the magnitude of the transformations it promotes. And it was incredible to note the level of engagement from the participants! We truly felt that everyone there is longing for change and is open-minded to be part of this process!” highlights Sandra Teschner, founder of the Happiness Institute of Brazil.

MUST University Hosts The SunFit Experience to Promote Well-being and Integration

On March 22, MUST University hosted The SunFit Experience, an event dedicated to promoting quality of life and well-being for both the institution’s staff and the Brazilian community in Miami and surrounding areas.

MUST’s President, Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, a yoga enthusiast and advocate for well-being activities, led the initiative. Throughout the event, staff members were treated to yoga sessions, massages, and other activities designed to promote connection and well-being.

In addition to relaxing activities, MUST organized Team Building dynamics to assess team engagement. Three challenges were conducted, including a race, a treasure hunt, and a balloon activity to foster integration and strengthen team spirit.

Giulianna commented on the importance of these practices. “I believe these activities strengthen the team spirit, while also being able to identify potential communication and integration issues. The dynamics provided a valuable opportunity to assess the atmosphere among the team and the performance of the staff,” she says.

The event concluded with a pleasant happy hour, providing a relaxed environment for participants to celebrate and strengthen interpersonal bonds. “We brought together Brazilians, Colombians, and Venezuelans in a single day, where MUST University reinforced its concern and love for diversity among cultures and languages,” highlights Giulianna.

Pre-inauguration of the new MUST University campus

In the first image, Antonio Carbonari Netto and José Mendonça Bezerra Filho, former Minister of Education of Brazil, celebrate the inauguration of the first MUST University headquarters in 2017, in Hollywood. In the second photo, seven years later, both celebrate the beginning of a new educational journey for MUST in Deerfield Beach.

Last Thursday, February 22, MUST University experienced a new historic chapter with the pre-inauguration of the first phase of its new headquarters in Deerfield Beach. In 2017, the university established its roots in Hollywood, Florida (USA), under the leadership of Professor Antonio Carbonari Netto and his family. On that memorable occasion, the then Minister of Education of Brazil, José Mendonça Bezerra Filho, joined authorities to celebrate the institution’s initial milestone.

In this new phase, former Minister José Mendonça Bezerra Filho once again honored the university with his presence, participating in the symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The move to the new facilities will take place in the coming months, as the MUST University team prepares to leave the old building and occupy this promising new space, promising to bring together students, authorities, and society members to celebrate another significant milestone in the institution’s educational journey.

“We are very proud to inaugurate the first phase of our new headquarters in Deerfield Beach. This is a unique moment for MUST University and the entire Brazilian academic community in the United States. The new facility not only represents our ongoing commitment to educational excellence but also symbolizes the strength and determination of our team to provide a world-class learning experience. We look forward to the official move and to writing a new chapter in MUST’s history,” declares Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, president of the institution.

MUST University Convenes Annual Academic Conference

On February 24th, MUST University hosted its first-ever Academic Conference in Campinas-SP. This day-long event brought together faculty, coordinators, academic management, and the Academic Vice-Presidency to foster collaboration and exchange valuable insights.

The conference offered a dynamic mix of lectures, discussions, and team-building activities. Professors and staff shared knowledge and best practices, sparking creativity and the development of new ideas for enhancing the university’s academic processes. The closing session featured meetings of Institutional Committees, further solidifying the commitment to continuous improvement.

MUST University
Executive Retreat 2024

MUST University ushered in the new year with an inspiring Executive Retreat, held at its office headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, from January 8th to 10th, 2024. This event marked a pivotal moment, signaling the dawning of a promising and exciting era focused on Continued Improvement and Institutional Effectiveness.

Academic Directors and Coordinators, Professors, Student Services staff, and Department Heads actively participated in a series of insightful meetings and presentations. The central theme revolved around ensuring MUST University continues to offer clearly defined and realistically attainable educational objectives, strong, relevant and updated curriculums and high-quality instructional materials and appropriate technology to enhance learning.

We also had the pleasure of welcoming Gerardo Javeriz, Director of Institutional Effectiveness, and Daniel Otero, Information Technology Operations Manager, as valuable additions to our team. Their expertise and leadership will undoubtedly contribute to our institutional goals.

Looking ahead, we are already planning the next gathering, scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. This ongoing commitment to professional development and collaborative planning reaffirms MUST University’s dedication to achieving academic excellence and serving our students with distinction.

MUST University Family Fete: A Sparkling End to 2023!

Let’s relive the magic of December 14th, 2023, when President Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello graciously opened her home to all of us for a Christmas celebration overflowing with warmth, laughter, and shared memories. It was a memorable evening bathed in the humbleness of the Carbonari Meneghello Family, which served as the best setting to reflect on the wonders of the year gone by.

We revealed in the echoes of our collective achievements, celebrating every academic and institutional triumph that made MUST University bigger and stronger. Jose Medina, our very own culinary maestro (and Director of Finance and Administration!), conjured up a pair of paellas so succulent and delicious, it would make angels weep. We enjoyed them with the gusto of a reunited family, the mixture of flavors and ingredients, a testament to the richness of our cultures and bonds.

And it truly felt like family. Cooking together, singing off-key tunes, shimmying to classic Brazilian rock/pop tunes (even attempting a few too-short samba moves!), the shared laughter was the soundtrack to our joy. In that moment, titles and positions melted away, as we united with our hearts brimming with camaraderie and a shared sense of pride.

It was a night to give thanks for everything we accomplished in 2023, a night that filled our souls with the promise of an even brighter 2024. We stepped out of Giuli’s house that night, hearts light, stomachs full, and spirits ignited. 

The MUST University family had come together, closer than ever, reminding us that beyond the textbooks and research papers, we are a community, a brotherhood of scholars and dreamers, forever united by the magic of MUST.

So, let the echoes of that laughter, the aroma of Jose’s paella, and the rhythm of our tunes, forever remind us of the MUST Christmas gathering – a testament to our spirit, a beacon of hope for the year ahead! We welcome 2024!!!

MUST University hosted the III Annual Student Meeting: Business, Development, Innovation and Entertainment

On December 2, 2023, MUST University hosted its III Annual Student Meeting at the Royal Palm Tower in Campinas, Brazil. The event brought together more than 500 participants, with students, faculty, and staff traveling from all corners of Brazil and USA to gather and celebrate our institution’s commitment to academic excellence.

A memorable exchange was when our “special guests,” our students, had a chance to meet their faculty and staff in person, get to know President Giulliana Carbonari Meneghello, or even share a word of wisdom with the university’s founders, Professors Antonio Carbonari and Maria Elisa Ehrhardt Carbonari.

The III Annual Meeting was more than a meeting; it was an explosion of knowledge, inspiration, and valuable connections. The President’s opening remarks highlighted the institution’s sustained growth, expanded services, and learning resources offered to students worldwide. The event fostered a profound sense of community as students engaged in meaningful networking with faculty and mentors, forging vital connections and sharing professional aspirations. This exchange served as a transformative experience for all participants, solidifying the university’s commitment to nurturing a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

Other highlights included:

  • An inspiring presentation by Mr. Ricardo Bellino, a seasoned entrepreneur who unveiled the secrets behind success, empowering students to embrace their inner disruptors and chart their own entrepreneurial paths.
  • A motivational and energizing session led by coach Sandra Teschner, a master of motivation, who equipped us with the tools and habits to unlock our limitless potential and become unstoppable forces of self-driven achievement.
  • Finally, the closing duties were entrusted to none other than Leo Chavez, a musical phenomenon who blended the soul of Brazilian country with the rhythm of Latin pop, igniting the spirit of collaboration and celebration. It was a wonderful end to a day that redefined the meaning of a student meeting.


We can’t wait for next year! We are very curious to see what MUST have in store for our students in 2024!


MUST University held its annual convention at its office headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, on August 14-18, 2023. The convention was attended by department leaders, academic directors, coordinators, professors, and industry consultants.

The convention kicked off with a welcome address from the MUST University President, Giulianna Meneguello as she highlighted the importance of the occasion in bringing together the MUST community to share ideas, network, discuss the ongoing key projects and learn from each other.

The convention featured a variety of speakers and panels, including:

  • A keynote address by Mr. Joe Otero from Otero Consulting Group, an industry expert who gave us guidance on academic compliance and advice on advertising and external communications.
  • Presentations addressing the latest technology solutions adopted by the University, such as Orbund, Microsoft 365 and Moodle’s latest edition 4.0 were conducted by the IT team.
  • A panel discussion with the Academic Department on Capstone courses.
  • A workshop on how to develop detailed academic calendars.
  • A networking reception for all the participating staff.


The convention was a valuable opportunity for MUST staff to learn from industry experts, network, and gain insights into the upcoming national accreditation process.

Some of the key takeaways from the MUST University Annual USA Convention:

  • MUST University ratifies its commitment to offer student centered programs which are up to date with current market trends.
  • The future of technology is rapidly changing, and it is important for students to stay up to date with the latest trends and solutions, such as the use of Microsoft 365 & Moodle 4.0.
  • MUST University consolidates a significant number of Strengths and Opportunities which are foundation to our continued growth and expansion within the US Hispanic & LATAM markets.


The next MUST University Annual USA Convention will be held in 2024.


MUST University: 6 Years of Excellence

MUST University is proud to celebrate its 6th anniversary! In the past six years, we have grown from a small school with a few hundred students to a thriving university with over 5,000 students. We have also expanded our academic offerings to include a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

This growth would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, students, and partners. We are grateful for their commitment to excellence and their belief in our mission to transform lives through accessible, student-centered, high-quality education to all.

To our faculty: Thank you for your passion for teaching and your commitment to student success. Your dedication has helped us to create a learning environment where students can thrive.

To our staff: Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are the backbone of our university, and your contributions are essential to our success.

To our students: Thank you for choosing MUST University. We are proud to be your academic home and we are committed to helping you reach your full potential.

To our partners: Thank you for your support. Your collaboration has helped us to make a difference in the lives of our students and the community.

We are excited to continue our journey and to build on our successes in the years to come. Thank you for being a part of the MUST University community!


MUST University attended the Annual meeting of the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC) held at the Turnberry J.W. Marriott in Aventura, Florida.

FAPSC hosts an annual conference each year which provides administrators and owners the opportunity to share their expertise, network with colleagues, earn 8 CEUs per CIE regulations, recognize excellence through FAPSC awards programs, and seek innovative as well as tried-and-true goods and services from providers in the Exhibit Hall.

During the event, Ms. Nancy Rodriguez, alongside six other education sector leaders, was inducted into the FAPSC Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to the private postsecondary schools and colleges sector in Florida.

Ms. Gonzalez expressed her appreciation for the recognition: “I have had the pleasure of being involved with this organization for the last 30 years and have met many inspiring pioneers and trailblazers who have worked hard to create educational choice and mentor the next generation of education leaders.”

She also noted that “the challenges that face higher education today will only be resolved by ensuring each student has access to multiple types of educational institutions,” Rodriguez added. “I believe in life-long learning. We no longer live in a society where we can pretend education is a one-size-fits-all solution. I will continue to join the FAPSC organization in fighting for equitable regulations, legislation that allows transparency for all students, and full disclosures on outcomes across the board. For students to be fully protected and have access to educational opportunities, we must ensure they have comparable data from every institution of higher learning.”

We congratulate all leaders recognized for their dedication and achievements and thank FAPSC for their continued support to the industry.


MUST University continues to excel in its educational path to deliver quality and accessibility to its online education by attending and participating this past week at the 2023 UPCEA – [University Professional and Continuing Education Association] – Distance Teaching & Learning (DT&L) + Summit for Online Leadership and Strategy + Roundtable (SOLA+R).

The summit was held from July 24th to the 27th in Madson, Wisconsin to which MUST University, as an active member of UPCEA, had the opportunity to refresh in the new policies, procedures, updates on distance teaching and learning through a series of seminars and workshops held at the Monona Conference Center.  Aside from these great assets obtained at the Summit, MUST University was also able to do very close, one on one networking with different Universities across the United States of America.  

MUST University was represented in this particular summit by its Madam President – Guilianna C. Meneghello and the Business Development Manager – Arturo E. Enamorado-Caraccioli.

UPCEA is the only organization in North America focusing on the professional, continuing and online (PCO) education enterprise. For more than 100 years, UPCEA has served most of the leading public and private colleges and universities in North America. Based in Washington, D.C., UPCEA also builds greater awareness of the vital link between contemporary learners and public policy issues.



MUST University participated as a main exhibitor at the Bett Educar fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

From May 9th to 12th, the largest education and technology meeting in Latin America brought together the entire educational community for dialogue and promotion of new ideas for the sector and our university was there.

The event brings together over 270+ national and international leading companies, 30 exciting edtech start-ups from the education community. Educators, learners and innovators come to Bett Educar to seek inspiration, discuss the future of education and discover edtech products and solutions to improve teaching and learning outcomes.

MUST University was honored to be part of the event with an exhibition booth where our community of faculty and staff met with industry members and hosted key networking meetings where lots of knowledge was gathered.

Our overall experience was fantastic and Bett Brazil 2023 surprised us all with a record attendance of over 35,000 visitors! We can’t wait for next year.


The annual @asugsvsummit connects leading minds focused on transforming society and business, always bonding a strong growth and coherence between learning and work.

Our cornerstone focused on a strategic mission, which is: “all people should have equal access to the future ensuring and emphasizing this opportunity is available for everyone to participate in it”. – This train of thought has been based on this summit’s slogan: “Imagining a new era in which ALL people have equal access to the future.”

As such, this is the reason why ASU+GSV Summits have active participation of great and intelligent celebrities, such as this year’s speaker, Mr. Bill Gates, who is established as a visionary entrepreneur, committed philanthropist, and a pioneer of the personal computer & software revolution.

We had the opportunity to be part of this great summit, being led by the University’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Renato Souza Net, accompanied by Mr. Fernando Valenzuela Migoya, active Board of Directors Member. Our Board Members attended the ASU+GSV Summit to capture and follow the essence of the new trends in Technology and Education.

Therefore, the future of Education is in your hands, lets go and pursue it together.

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