Master Degree in Emergent Tech in Education

A highly dynamic institution offers us the opportunity for professional and academic development. I am a teacher with two positions, so my schedule is very limited. Therefore, MUST has offered me a lot of flexibility and the necessary dynamism to facilitate my professional and academic growth process.


Master Degree in Emergent Tech in Education

As a university professor, I have the need to deepen my knowledge and to have a diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). MUST, being an American university and also recognizing the diploma in Brazil, piqued my interest. Besides being a professor, I am also a clinical psychologist, a mother, and a wife. Time doesn’t wait. Therefore, MUST, with its 100% online master’s program, gives me the opportunity to plan my studies and manage my time.


Master Degree in Organizational Psychology

Life allows us to tread surprising paths. I can affirm this since I started the master’s program. Along this journey, through the knowledge I’ve gained, I’ve already been able to bring out a personal project from the back burner, been invited to submit one of the papers to the Journal of Chemical Processes of the “S” System, and I feel empowered for new challenges. Gratitude forever to MUST University.


Master Degree in Emergent Tech in Education

Regarding MUST, I suggest that if you have a commitment to yourselves and want to build a resume and, why not, even personal satisfaction, analyze, study, and enroll in a MUST master’s course. You will see that you are completely capable and it is possible to achieve such a degree.


Master Degree in Business Administration

I confess that I am quite satisfied with MUST University’s Master’s program in Administration. The course has truly exceeded my expectations, and I absolutely recommend to everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their qualifications at this institution!


Master Degree in Emergent Tech in Education

MUST has brought great relevance to my professional performance, due to its highly updated content and numerous playful and interactive activities that facilitate optimal learning. Therefore, I recommend MUST UNIVERSITY to you if you are seeking a turning point in your career.


Master Degree in Legal Emphasis in International Law

MUST University is an international institution focused on opening the doors of the world to Brazilians. From the macro to the micro level, where I develop my ability for discourse in a complex world that requires intelligent reflections.


Master Degree in International Business

When I started the course in November 2020, I was working at a company with international operations, but my role was limited to the Brazilian market. Early in 2021, I had the opportunity to move to a company with global operations, where my role would be international. So, from the very beginning of the course, I had the chance to deal with international business, thanks to the MUST course.


Master Degree in Business Administration

It was with the intention of expanding my knowledge that I pursued the master’s degree at MUST. With its excellent team of professors and instructors, they have provided me with tools that I can apply in my daily work. I have been applying these tools in the areas of management, finance, leadership, and most importantly, emotional intelligence. With the certainty that I am on the right path for my professional and academic development, I invite you to immerse yourself in this experience.


Master Degree in Emergent Tech in Education

I believe that the master’s program at Must has greatly contributed to my education, allowing me to continue providing quality education to the community where I am involved. Where I could bring about significant changes, not only in my life but also in the lives of all those around me.

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