Metropolitan University for the Sciences and Technology started as a dream on behalf of the Carbonari family. Its founders and educators Prof. Maria Elisa E. Carbonari and Prof. Antonio Carbonari Netto discovered that access to higher education was limited and for most cases inaccessible for individuals of lower economic and middle-class levels. This family led institution, began with a great desire to open the gates to education, where everyone was provided equal opportunity for professional and personal growth, regardless of their socio-economic status. This desire became the guiding light for the Carbonari family as they began their endeavor of building the largest affordable university that served the Brazil community. ​

The Carbonari family is deeply rooted in education with a belief that access to knowledge should not be limited to those who can afford it, but to all individuals. Their commitment stems from the notion that regardless of where you come from, having the opportunity to pursue an academic degree and thus a professional career should be an attainable reality and highly encouraged, while being fiercely supported by educational institutions. They believe education extends beyond gaining knowledge; it is also the development of a well-rounded human being that can contribute to society. For this reason, MUST University believes that each of its students deserve the opportunity to pursue dreams and set goals for personal, professional, and social growth. Their initiative seeks to support all areas of development of its students. ​

The Carbonari legacy was not intended to remain limited to one country. In 2017, a dream was born where MUST University would become a new educational entity that would contribute to the community in the U.S. This new dream was to expand their mission as educational global leaders with the creation of MUST University. Since then, the legacy has been preserved by offering its new community a student-centered and culturally diverse learning environment. ​

MUST University continues with its unwavering commitment to its community to steer justice for those that cannot obtain an academic degree by offering a competitive yet affordable education with a mission to help students achieve their personal and professional goals.​

Antonio Carbonari Netto

Maria Ehrhardt Carbonari

Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello

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