Master of Science in Business Development and Innovation

MUST University’s Master of Science in Business Development and Innovation program is designed to prepare students to be entrepreneurs with a strong innovative perspective. As part of their education, they will be exposed to different business models, how technologies are changing the business, steps, and right mindset they will use to create a new business today and in the future. The program culminates in a research study that allows the transmission and reflection of intrinsic knowledge crucial to success as an entrepreneur. 

The Master's degree in Business Development and Innovation is designed to meet the skills requirements of the entrepreneur for the business world of the 21st century. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

• Have a systemic and up-to-date view of innovative business models.

• Apply modern technologies in new business.

• Understand and analyze the entrepreneur's mindset.

• Develop structured business plans.

• Sell business projects to investors.

Program Breakdown

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Program Objective

Business Development 
This line of research aims to investigate the creation of new companies by researching their business environment, target audience, competitors, and the position that the company seeks to have in the market. It aims at the steps to be taken to develop a new business.

This line of research aims to develop an innovative project in the business environment, whether by product, service, or an innovative business model in an existing business. Aims at innovative differentiation in new or existing ventures.


  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree course or have completed a course in the bachelor’s degree modality with a minimum duration of 8 semesters;
  • Have documents proving graduation (history and diploma) certificate of course completion.

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