Master of Science in Legal Studies, Emphasis on International Law

The Master’s program in Legal Studies with an emphasis on International Law is designed to provide a solid foundation in legal doctrines and concepts while developing and refining the student’s ability to identify and analyze legal issues. 

The program also highlights the foundations of the American legal system, process and procedure, dispute resolution, legal research and writing, legal reasoning and analysis, ethical decision making, jurisprudence and legal history, and substantive law in the area of international law.

Upon graduation, masters may seek career opportunities in the areas of law and related to law, government, or companies, or can use the knowledge acquired through this diploma to prepare for future studies in the Doctorate. 

Students who graduate from the Master's degree in Legal Studies with an emphasis on International Law will be able to:

• Analyze different forms of conflict resolution, of an international character, developing innovative ways to get customers.

• Evaluate modern technologies and their full applicability in legal relations.

• Create possibilities to prevent and resolve antagonistic situations, anticipating problems and analyzing specific situations.

• Accurately evaluate the determining points of each case, performing the appropriate exegesis.

• Analyze new areas that require prepared, innovative and proactive professionals.

Program Breakdown

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Program Objective

Strategy in legal negotiations.
This line aims at the development of academic research whose results can be implemented in own or third-party companies, public or private, covering research, in the international context, focusing on aspects relevant to conflict resolution, as is the new rule of law today.

Aspects relevant to the analysis of the law for effective application in society
This line aims to interpret the rules of law, with the scope of meeting the needs of society, in order to find new ways and ways of transforming legal texts cast by habituality into new interpretations, in order to offer an undisputed way of argumentation in favor of justice.


  • Have completed a bachelor’s degree course or have completed a course in the bachelor’s degree modality with a minimum duration of 8 semesters;
  • Have documents proving graduation (history and diploma) certificate of course completion.

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