From Master’s to Doctorate: A Dream Come True!

The journey of Maria Beatriz Oliveira da Silva, a public servant from the state of Alagoas (Maceió), Brazil, is inspiring for those who wish to achieve great heights in their academic careers. After completing the Master’s program in Business and Administration at MUST University, Maria Beatriz realized an old dream.

Determined to overcome the challenges faced in her department, Maria Beatriz utilized the skills and knowledge acquired in her coursework to propose efficient solutions. Her dissertation was a thorough evaluation of a program being implemented in her workplace, showcasing her commitment and expertise in the field.

With great joy, Maria Beatriz celebrates the achievement of her new master’s degree, but the journey of success did not stop there. She was selected to pursue a doctorate, and the selection process required diploma validation, including the Hague Certificate. “MUST University was instrumental in this process, contributing to the recognition I needed to move forward,” says the public servant.

Maria Beatriz’s academic excellence was also recognized by CAPES, the body responsible for evaluating master’s programs in Brazil. With a maximum score of 5 in Public Policies, she once again demonstrated her competence and commitment. Now, Maria Beatriz is fully immersed in her dream doctorate program after securing the first place in the selection process. Truly an extraordinary achievement!

For Maria Beatriz Oliveira Silva, her education in Business and Administration at MUST University was the key to achieving her goal. In addition to validating her degree in Brazil, she obtained a quality education and became a highly skilled professional. Her success story inspires all those who seek personal growth and fulfillment through education.

MUST University continues to transform lives and open doors to a promising future. If you wish to embark on a path of success like Maria Beatriz, explore the master’s programs offered by this internationally renowned institution. Invest in your career and prepare yourself to reach new horizons. The next success could be yours!

Maria Beatriz Oliveira Silva – Master’s in Business and Administration from MUST University, resident of Maceió, Alagoas, BR.


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