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The new skills of teachers after Pandemic.

Dear students, today we are going to talk a little about the new skills of teachers, and the changes (transformations) in the educational process.

For a long time, teachers have been questioned about their training, in the sense of not being prepared, to use the numerous technological tools and digital platforms for education.

Currently, all of us are aware of the possibilities of digital resources, which are available in the market, specifically for teaching learning at all levels that make up education.

The foundation of the problem of teacher training is initially presented in the programming of curricula for undergraduate courses, which aims to prepare teachers at various levels of education.

We need to think about changing.

The use of digital and technological resources by the educator is related to appropriate choices according to the content and objectives that one wishes to achieve. Preparing educators for this task implies offering disciplines that allow the development of skills and abilities in Information and Communication Technologies. Change course curricula? Add new discipline? Continuing education? Training? What should and can we do to change this reality?

In addition, these disciplines need to be subdivided by the various levels of education, and include the practice of teaching and training for the use of digital platforms.

Evolve and properar with technology.

Likewise, the mastery of digital tools has been incorporated into teaching so broadly that it forces all of us to ensure that, both in the classroom and outside, it remains in our lives for obvious reasons, as the only way to prosperity.

In this context, how to face the problem of technological training of teachers, in the face of this reality. We are facing many paradigms that need to be overcome. likewise, the profession needs a process of construction, updating and constant transformation of accompanying the world with technology. Education and technology are inseparable.

It’s time for the teacher to change.

therefore, the answer can only be a proactive attitude of the teacher, in the sense of assuming the role of protagonist of his own training, trying to reflect on the practical problems and face the obstacles in the teaching-learning process, according to the level of his students



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