MUST Business Ecosystem (MUBE) drives entrepreneurship and innovation

An ecosystem of opportunities that connects students, companies and investors

MUST University is committed to promoting a dynamic and entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages management, innovation and the creation of businesses with a positive impact on society. For this, it developed the MUST Business Ecosystem (MUBE), an environment that connects companies, investors and innovative projects, generating opportunities for growth and collaboration.

MUBE is a visionary project that seeks to foster entrepreneurship and innovation. By creating an environment that encourages the development of new ideas and businesses, the university provides master’s students with the opportunity to stand out in the entrepreneurial scene, boosting growth and positively impacting society”, highlights Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello, president of MUST University.

In this article, we will explore in detail the objectives of this innovative project and how it benefits all agents involved in the business:

Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship:

MUBE’s main mission is to be a business player, boosting entrepreneurship based on new ideas and innovation. “Through fortnightly meetings, the project carries out strategic planning of activities, ensuring a structured and efficient approach to project development”, explains Prof. Carlos Gustavo, coordinator of the Business Administration and Business Development and Innovation courses at MUST University, also coordinator of innovation at MUBE.

Interaction with companies and investors:

Within the ecosystem, the Study and Research Groups establish a crucial connection with companies, through research carried out by master’s students.

According to Prof. Carlos Gustavo, this interaction is essential to identify real problems faced by companies and seek innovative solutions through academic research. In addition, MUBE offers support for master’s students to transform their projects into viable businesses, providing specialized mentoring.

The HUB Online as a meeting point:

A key part of MUBE is HUB Online, a virtual space where companies, investors and innovative projects meet. In this environment, stakeholders have the opportunity to share knowledge, exchange experiences and establish strategic partnerships. HUB Online works as a catalyst for the generation of new business opportunities and the strengthening of the Master’s students’ network of contacts.

For Fabiane Cattai da Silva, student of the master’s course in Emerging Technologies in Education, MUBE helps to develop entrepreneurial skills. “With the support of professors Carlos and Viviane, I had the opportunity to establish connections with key partners to support my project”, declares the student.

Fabiane is from São Caetano do Sul, São Paulo, and developed the “MCAD da Interacessibilidade” program, which aims to present solutions through training and qualification of professionals interested in the development of the Constructive Mentality in Digital Accessibility (MCAD), that is, , in acquiring skills in creating products, services and digital content with experiences accessible to more people, including those with physical, sensory, cognitive, multiple and/or psychological limitations. “We are still in the construction phase of the program, but I am very confident. I am very grateful to everyone at MUST!”, reveals the master’s student and entrepreneur.

Promoting the students’ projects and businesses:

MUBE offers master’s students the possibility of submitting their innovative projects and publicizing their businesses on a publicly accessible website. In this way, master’s students have a showcase to present their ideas and attract the interest of investors and potential partners. MUST University, as an institution that promotes the ecosystem, plays an active role in selecting the most promising projects and in establishing connections between master’s students and investors.

If you have an innovative project, how about registering with MUBE? Access this link to register and have more business opportunities.



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