MUST University launches innovative podcast for the world of education and business

MUBECast will bring together students, entrepreneurs and researchers in search of innovative solutions

A MUST University, through its innovative ecosystem, the MUBE (MUST Business Ecosystem), is taking a bold step to unite companies, investors and innovative projects. This visionary movement materializes in the launch of MUBECast, a podcast strategically planned to connect teachers, students, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and researchers who share the search for innovation, entrepreneurship and new businesses.

The purpose of MUBECast lies in the premise of being a dynamic space, driven by innovation and technology. The goal is to provide enriching interviews that catalyze collaborative learning, networking and netweaving – a concept that bases professional relationships on reciprocity. In this debut episode in Brazilian Portuguese, we launch the podcast, which will soon also include discussions in English and Spanish.

By leading this project, the Professor Carlos Gustavo, who is also coordinator of the Business Administration and Business and Development and Innovation master’s degrees, shares his vision for the year 2024. He anticipates blocks of thematic interviews that will not only feed the podcasts, but will also be turned into books, bringing together scientific and inspiring stories from guests.

Marcos Crivelaro , renowned professor and international master’s advisor, is the main driver of the program. Recognized as one of the greatest national authors of textbooks for university students, Crivelaro will alternate the presentation with Professor Carlos Gustavo, both carrying out interviews with distinguished guests from the academic and business areas.

The kickoff of MUBECast will be marked by a captivating conversation with Prof. Antonio Carbonari Neto, founder of MUST University, who will address the theme “Visionary Entrepreneur in Education”. Carbonari is a dedicated educator, whose journey began as a mathematics teacher in a pre-university course. In 1994, he founded Anhanguera Educacional, which became one of the largest higher education institutions in Brazil.

The trajectory of Prof. Carbonari is marked by a deep understanding that education is a key instrument for social transformation and must be accessible to everyone. In 2017, he created MUST University, an innovative digital university that offers master’s degrees to Brazilians and Latin Americans.

MUST University stands out for its high-quality, accessible and flexible master’s programs, taught entirely online and in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Starting in 2024, the institution will expand its offerings to include doctoral programs.

With the launch of MUBECast, MUST University reaffirms its commitment to innovation and promoting an educational environment that transcends borders, uniting brilliant minds in search of a more promising future.

“This is just the beginning of a fascinating journey towards new educational horizons. We are building bridges between academia, entrepreneurship and innovation, promoting a convergence of brilliant minds in favor of a transformative educational future”, he says Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello , president from MUST University.

Listen to the first episode here



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