MUST Reviews from MUST University, is a biannual publication that publishes intelectual and scientific articles from teachers, guests and students’ capstone projects. These projects are revised and approved by the Editorial Board. They are originally published in English and translated to Portuguese and Spanish.




Science Magazine


Antonio Carbonari Neto – President.

Professora Dra. Maria Elisa Ehrhardt Carbonari – Academic Officer.

Ricardo Marafon – Director of Education / Advisory Board.

Giulianna Carbonari Meneghello – Deputy Director.


Thais Sousa – Virtual Environment Coordinator.

Renata Moreira – Relationship Coordinator/Healthcare Management.

Deborah Costa – Relationship Coordinator/Emergent Technologies in Education.

Eduardo Bullentini – Relationship Coordinator/International Business.


Doctor and Professor Maria Elisa Ehrhardt Carbonari – UNICAMP (Brazil).

Doctor and Professor Regina Clare Monteiro – UNICAMP (Brazil).

Professor DBA Mauel Cristhiansen – Walden University (USA).

Doctor and Professor Alexandra Mastela – USP (Brazil).

Professor MS Renato Souza Neto – INSEAD (France).

Doctor and Professor Thais Souza – USP (Brazil).

Doctor and Professor Gisele Kuhlmann- UFMG (Brazil).


Gabriel Araújo.

text revision

MUST University.

The access to MUST REVIEWS is free of charge. MUST University believes that, by making the contents available to the public free of charge, it will contribute to the democratization of knowledge.

must reviews publishing rules

All submitted articles in Must Reviews magazine must consist of material that is unique and original from teachers, guests and from students’ capstone projects.

Each article will be revised by MUST Reviews Magazine Editorial Board. MUST Reviews Magazine reserves the right to publish, or not to publish an article.

The selection process of publication follows some guidelines such as if there is a contribution of its contents to the academic and professional communities, if the subject and the theoretical-methodological approach are unique. If the Editorial Board suggests modifications of structure or content of submitted articles, they will only be incorporated with consent of the authors.


These elements must be applied in the article:

  1. The Title.
  2. Subtitle (if there is any).
  3. Summary limited from 150 to 300 characters.
  4. Between 3 and 6 Keywords.
  5. Introduction.
  6. Final Consideration.
  7. References and Bibliography.

Authors may send /submit suggested illustrations to their text.

In case there are graphs and charts, they must be inserted into the text in the order in which they are quoted and numbered sequentially. The title should be inserted above the chart and below the graph.

The author must send us information which contains his phone number, email, home and work address.

The articles must be limited from 15.000 to 30.000 characters.

The essay must obey APA Guidelines (American Psychological Association).

The articles must be sent to this email address:

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