Understand why studying at an American university

Have you ever thought about studying at an American university? This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to stand out in the market and have a postgraduate degree abroad. Certainly, an international title will make all the difference in your resume.

The best of all is that, today, it is possible to take master’s courses at an American university in the distance learning mode. Thus, you can have an international title without having to spend a long time living abroad.

Want to know more about the reasons you have to study at an American university? Follow the reading and check it out!

Differentiated study model

Studying at an American university can represent a differentiated study model. Not everything is always the same as what you see in films and series, nor what you hear about friends who have had experiences of exchanges abroad.

There are modern universities that go beyond what is already commonly presented as an American model. Technology has made the quality of international education available to Brazilian professionals, who wish to qualify by doing postgraduate studies at an American institution for Brazilians.

With the EAD model, it is possible to study at an American university without having to travel and having a lot of expenses because of that. Another difference is the language of the courses, whose classes are taught in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Offering exclusive soft skills

Soft skills are qualities that involve personality and professional behavior. These are skills that are more related to each person’s cultural and educational experiences. In such a way, they are developed as the individual has new experiences.

Here are some soft skills you can develop when studying at an American university.


When studying at an American university, people have awakened a spirit of leadership. This is because the courses stimulate creativity, teamwork and proactivity.

The experience is challenging, since you will live, even if virtually, with people from totally different cultures. The rich experience will certainly prepare you to deal with people better, and this can be a differential when participating in selection processes for leadership positions.

Self knowledge

Taking a master’s degree always brings more introspective moments. Research work requires that we take a broad view of society and the field of study. However, first of all, the researcher needs to know himself well, to know how he fits into the universe in which he is studying.

Having self-knowledge is essential to identify fields of research, deepen cuts to be analyzed in certain situations, etc. American universities that offer graduate courses are prepared to help you at this time too.


The curriculum of those who study at an American university is a standout apart. The professional who has an international experience will certainly be highlighted when participating in selection processes in companies.

When you do a master’s degree abroad, you will have a better chance of getting good positions, in academic and business environments. After all, your resume will stand out from the competition.

Market preparation

Most of the research and studies on virtually all areas of knowledge come from the United States. Therefore, studying at an American university means knowing all the trends that are up in the market and can be applied in companies.

You will be very well prepared to work in the market of your choice, considering that your knowledge will be seen as a privilege by companies.


When studying at an American university, you will be in touch with colleagues and professors from around the world. This can represent the opening of many doors, considering that you will have professional relationships and friendships with people who work in the same area as you, in the most diverse parts of the globe.

The exchange of experiences is excellent so that you can have someone to talk about trends, find job openings, research opportunities, etc. If a network of contacts already makes all the difference with people from your own country, who knows, professionals from all over the world, right?

Consolidation of a foreign language

When taking an EAD course at an American school, you can choose to attend classes in Portuguese, as explained. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to train and consolidate fluency in a foreign language.

You will have contact with colleagues and teachers who are Native Americans and also from other nationalities. So, when talking to them via chat or video conference, you will need to train your English.

Mastering a foreign language is a prerequisite for any relevant position these days. So it is very important to make this consolidation! It’s pretty prov



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