II Second Week of Education at MUST University

The study week at MUST University sought to encourage the scientific development of master’s students and improve communication through the knowledge acquired during the master’s program.

The free online event took place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of June, and was attended by more than 1000 students.

During the three days of the academic education week, students and the external public had access to lectures on the theme Education in the Digital Age.

On the first day (21/06) the presentation focused on Research and Practices on Innovation. Click here to check out the first day of Academic Education Week in full.

On the second day (22/06) of the academic week, the topic addressed was Innovations in Education. Extremely important topic for today’s education.
Click here to follow the second day.

And on the third and final day (23/06), students presented their work on Education in the Digital Age and the Role of the Teacher.
Check out the presentation of the works of the third day by clicking here

This event is fundamental for student development, thus helping students to improve their writing and approach to ideas in their scientific research work.

Education in the Digital Age is a topic that has been growing a lot in recent years. The process of evolution of this model of education came in a crescent, which was enhanced by the pandemic.

Nowadays Education in the Digital Age requires a new look.
To ignore this reality is to condemn the educational process to failure.

That’s why we at MUST University are so committed to this issue.
It is not a matter that can come to fruition, it is a matter that is our reality, so we give due importance to it.

MUST University is a 100% online institution present in the Digital Age of education.

We seek to bring the best professors, master’s programs and activities that place our students in a privileged position in the job market.

If you still don’t know the MUST University Master’s programs, click here and learn more.

Here is our thanks to the event’s organizing team and speakers:

    • Dr. Jose Armando Valente
    • Fernando Ferreira de Lima
    • Geneilson Alves de Araujo
    • Henrique Francisco Ramos
    • Jocelino Antonio Demuner
    • Juliana Menegatti Martins Pasolini
    • Katia Cristina da Silva
    • Lindalva Augusto Santiago
    • Lo-ami Nakazune Viana
    • Mariza Helena Toledo Ramos
    • Paula Priscila de Matos Vasconcellos
    • Ricardo Limão
    • Sheila Costa Silva Pareschi
    • Sirleide Ferreira Batista Lima

We also extend our gratitude to all students who participated in this event.



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